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  1. RedRyder97

    Tach Wire Pictures Non Tach Dash 2.3 5 sp

    So in my album I took a few shots of the wires and connectors for this tach that I want to install. But I`m not getting a response on the tach. :icon_surprised: The other post I read said something about a wire under the hood by the fuse box . The only one I have is a two wire .Red and green...
  2. RedRyder97

    Tach Dual Coil Pack Question

    This is for the 4 cyl 2 coil pack set up. I think I found a great photo to use or should I say wire schematic on another ford page. I thought I would share with you all. I did a Google search with this number and the photo will come up. 97612d1272841370‑running copy and paste that and...
  3. RedRyder97

    Photo or picture

    I'm trying to figure out how to get my truck photo up loaded to my avatar . I'm guessing I have to get a photo-bucket account. ?? Or can I up load one from my album ?? Point me to the right forum? Thanks Looks Like I figured it out .........See my dog love`s the front seat in my ranger.
  4. RedRyder97

    Hello From West Michigan

    Hello All. Starting to get my ranger back in order. My son who is 16 is my helper lol . Just thought I would stop and say hello. Love the Group of Ranger Drivers.:icon_thumby:
  5. RedRyder97

    Stutter mises after instaling Timing Belt

    Hi all , My 2.3 5 speed shredded :nono: a timing belt and I installed a new one in. Runs pretty darn good at speed. But what I am leaving the light or stop sign I get a hesitation miss kinds stuttering also in between shifts as rpm drops to idle. I did track down the spark plug wires...

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