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  1. Old Member returning

    Hey everybody, after three years away I'm back. Not much has changed. I've still got my old white 2wd F-150 mildly lifted with 30 inch tires Toyos all around mud tires on back highway tires on front. We're still working the bugs out of it, but other than that for a 12 year old truck it's doing...
  2. Thank You.

    I'd like to thank Jim and the TRS staff for the Happy Birthday banner. Thank all you guys and gals for putting up with me.
  3. Need your prayers

    My grandma on my Dads side of the family had a minor stroke about two and a half weeks ago now, it didn't paralyze her but it caused her speech to be slurred. Not long after the stroke she got sick again and had to be put back in the hospital, but this time the doctors ran some more extensive...
  4. kidney stones

    Koty, all i got to say is OUCH! Hope you can pass those suckers soon bud. I'm praying for ya.
  5. Prayers Needed

    All right guys, here it goes. Last weekend a very good friend of mine was killed in an auto accident. The county has yet to let out any details on exactly how it actually happened. My friends name was Adam Wade, I went to school with him at Sam Rayburn I.S.D., Kindegarten all the way through to...
  6. Latest Survival Gear

    Thats a big 10-4 on that for sure. My late cousin Casey told me once you get a good knife, don't ever leave home without it. So that being said, I have a Shrade Exteme Survival lockblade knife that goes everywhere I go.:icon_thumby:
  7. Latest Survival Gear

    Damn Crocadile Dundee. Nice knife.:D:headbang::icon_hornsup:
  8. The A-Team movie

    Is anybody else out there as ready as I am for The A-Team to hit theatres. I've been watching the TV show since I was six.
  9. Universal Winch Mounts

    Which companies make a universal winch mount for the ranger, how much are they, and do any of you guys have one on your truck, and how do you like it?:D
  10. Multimount or universal winch mount

    I was wondering which would be best setup for my daily driven truck. I'm kinda leaning toward the multimount because my truck already has a reciever hitch on the back, but a universal would probably be allright too. Help me out guys. FYI I'm on a buget.
  11. Bilstein 5100s anybody running them?

    Are the Bilstein 5100s a better quality off road shock than the Rancho RS5000s?
  12. Newbie from Texas

    Howdy yall, I'm Clay Lorance from Elwood, Texas. I'm not new to the Ford Ranger. The 2004 4x4 I have is my first four wheel drive, but my third Ranger, and i'm definately not new to Ford, between my grandpa, my uncles, and my dad i've been around them my whole life.:beer:
  13. Yes... I'm asking about a Dana 30.

    c_note, how hard was it to do the SAS on your '02 FX4?
  14. SAS on '98 to '04 ranger buildup

    Does anybody have any advice on doing an SAS on a '98 to '04 SLA ranger?:icon_confused:

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