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  1. stamina

    2.3L ('83-'97) Need help with 2.3 4x4 motor Mount brackets

    well god smiled upon us yesterday, guy hit me back and i drove 40 minutes out to check out the 86, sure enough, they were them. took some pictures for anyone else down the road who may find this, these are the brackets for the dana 35 and 28 crossmember it doesnt matter which one. truck was a 86...
  2. stamina

    2.3L ('83-'97) Need help with 2.3 4x4 motor Mount brackets

    I think I’ve seen what you’re talking about on rock auto for sale for 80’s 2.3 rangers, I also read that the 4x4 2.3’s even after 1990 used a false Dana 35 that was really a 28🧐 for some reason that gives me hope that they’re just metal brackets, guy won’t respond right now but if and when he...
  3. stamina

    2.3L ('83-'97) Need help with 2.3 4x4 motor Mount brackets

    Are you sure about the 87 number? I’ve got a guy 40 minutes away with an 85 and. 86 2.3 4x4’s
  4. stamina

    Wanted 4x4 4 cylinder engine Mount frame brackets

    I need the 2.3 engine Mount brackets that bolt to a DANA 35 front crossmember. I got the 2wd ones from a junkyard and they did not fit. I live in NC thanks!!
  5. stamina

    2.3L ('83-'97) Need help with 2.3 4x4 motor Mount brackets

    Alright, whole truck is torn apart and 2.3 is ready to go in, or so I thought. Come to find out unlike the v6 mounts which bolt directly to the frame crossmember the 4 cylinder mounts bolt to a bracket that then bolts to the frame. I didn’t know this before yesterday evening but figured it out...
  6. stamina

    2.3L ('83-'97) easiest low pressure fuel pump setup

    im putting a carb setup on my 88 long block, the truck is a stock 4.0 setup/fuel pump. i know i need a lower pressure fuel pump, 5-7 psi from what ive read? what kind of pump do yall recommend and what kind of setup do i need for my 2bbl carb?
  7. stamina

    2.3L ('83-'97) want to run carb and dizzwop setup on 88 ranger block/head in 1990 ranger

    i have a 1988 ranger 2.3 4 cylinder block + head + accessories, and i want to run as close to the latest model carbed versions of the 2.3 engine (2bbl carb whatever) as possible, i want to use an original ford 2.3 aluminum intake made for a carb. which vehicles have the carbs and intakes i need...
  8. stamina

    2.3L ('83-'97) is it possible to keep a/c box with 2.3 turbocoupe/SVO engine in 1990 ranger engine bay

    is it possible to keep a/c box with a 2.3 turbo engine in a ranger engine bay? or does the evaporator box need to be swapped out for the NON AC box
  9. stamina

    2.3L ('83-'97) late model dual plug ranger head on 88 ranger block/pistons/bottom end

    i bought an engine transmission xcase combo on facebook this weekend for $150 which consisted of a 2.3 fully dressed engine, a 4x4 2.3 M5OD, and a BW 13-50. all of which was the original drive train of a 1988 ranger which had EFI, a dizzwop, single plug head, and the wild accessory brackets. im...
  10. stamina

    How have y'all mounted your front extended brake lines?

    i have the James Duff kit that ive had on for a while now (believe its for 4-6in, i have 4in lift) i have mine routed around the coil behind the sway bar, i got them to stay like this by zip tying them to the coil and sway bar for a month or so. Ive had them like this for a while but I dont like...
  11. stamina

    can someone explain why certain 4.0’s have a MAP sensor?

    thank you very much sir
  12. stamina

    can someone explain why certain 4.0’s have a MAP sensor?

    so it’s intended to not be hooked up to vacuum?? and to read actual atmospheric pressure?
  13. stamina

    can someone explain why certain 4.0’s have a MAP sensor?

    certain 4.0’s in the junkyard, specifically 1990 and 1991, have a MAP sensor (and the MAF sensor) and a plug for it on the wiring harness. in every picture i see of a 4.0 with the MAP the vacuum line to the sensor is not even hooked up and has a small white piece on it. furthermore, i took the...
  14. stamina

    adjustable camber bushing ?’s

    i am looking at buying some adjustable camber bushings to correct some issues with my friend end alignment and i found a set of MOG bushings that offers “0-4 degrees of adjustment” does that mean in both directions? - and +? i assume you just rotate it 180 to get the desired camber?
  15. stamina

    Wanted 7’ dual tank bed

    i have, thank you!
  16. stamina

    Wanted 7’ dual tank bed

    i am looking for an 83-88 dual tank 7’ bed, any color. i live in North Carolina.
  17. stamina

    Tom Morana valve cover rails?

    they are listed at about $180 for a set of rails, studs, and nuts, they claim to apply even pressure and eliminate leaks on the 2.9 and 4.0 valve covers. has anyone bought these and are they any good? http://www.moranav6racing.com/category.html?CategoryID=32
  18. stamina

    what is the flow rate of stock 1992 4.0 fuel injectors

    i have found weird things on this question looking for a straight answer.
  19. stamina

    98tm vs 95tm 4.0 exhaust manifolds and y pipes

    i have a 95tm 4.0 block and heads that i am running on a 92 computer. the 4th cylinder has low compression due to a valve issue so i am going to purchase anew casting head. for whatever reason no company makes new casting 95tm heads anymore (fast-burn chamber + large exhaust ports) they only...

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