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  1. Brihard

    Anyone Use A Camping Cot??

    The most comfortable cot I have tried was Kamp Rite. Fits me pretty well. But I'd still put a fleece blanket on top to insulate the frame. Review: https://theskilledsurvivor.com/kamp-rite-tent-cot-review/
  2. Brihard

    Are Huawei Matebooks good?

    I've owned my 2018 i7/MX150 for the past 3 months. I picked it up used on hardwareswap for a good price. I was coming from a Dell XPS 13 2016 i5/8GB and even though the screen quality was really great, the resolution and aspect ration wasn't. The i5 6th gen cpu and 8GB of ram wasn't cutting it...

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