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  1. Pbheadshots

    Will a 4.0 from a 1998 explorer bolt up to my 88 bronco 2?

    Not sure if the motor mounts ever changed, and is engine is coming fully complete with harnesses minus clutch, flywheel, starter, and radiator. I need to know what else I'm looking at having to add to get it running
  2. Pbheadshots

    Interchangeable parts between 2.9 and 4.0 engines

    I'm looking to swap the 2.9 out cause its the devil, what parts would be interchangable on the motors?
  3. Pbheadshots

    Redneck ways to fix a oil leak?!

    So recently I just put my motor back into the b2 and of course that dang sump pan gasket refuses to seal now it's all back in the b2 so and ideas? It leaks at the back side closest to the tranny at the semicircle... Im thinking a tube of rtv packed all into that area and hope to god it works...
  4. Pbheadshots

    Attaching Flywheel/clutch to transmission assembling help

    Any tips or tricks to dropping the engine back into a b2? I've done this once to a classic car, which is MUCH different since you have all the room in the world to just lower the engine in and side it back it. Not enough room to do that with the b2. So any tips or tricks to it?
  5. Pbheadshots

    Reverse 4.0/2.9 swap

    Just a thought since everyone's swaps the 2.9/2.8 for a 4.0. Has anyone ever dropped a 2.9 in an exploder?
  6. Pbheadshots

    v2 Bronco 2 build

    Well this is version 2 of my old thread, since the whole process turned 180degrees the other direction, and the 88 is being brought back to life! What's going on: - 2.9 engine pulled - 2.9 cleaned and rebuilt - 2.9 painted - frame cleaning/derusting/painting with tractor paint - body work and...
  7. Pbheadshots

    84/88 Bronco 2 overhaul/engine-swap/paint/scrap

    Hello ladies and Gents! I got a summer project that i am starting on soon. To start it off I have an 88 Bronco 2 and a 84 bronco 2 to combine. - originally ive had an 88 xlt bronco 2 w/ manuel trans. for about 9 months now, ive beaten it, ive worked on it, ive fixed it, so many times to a point...

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