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  1. ranger_mclaren

    Sleep walking........ anyone?

    Anyone else sleepwalk or know someone who does? I've been doing it latly and it really starting to scare me. I talked to my mom about it she says I used to do it a lot when I was kid. She thinks its from lack of sleep and working too many hours. To be honest my sleeping habits have gone astray...
  2. ranger_mclaren

    It's been a while..... here's some new pics.

    this is like my first time on here in like 4 or five months. I still got the ranger but no progress has been made. I hang out on the focus forums a lot, but I can't for get my old stomping ground. I have a build thread for the focus as you can see in my sig but it's far behind. Here's a lil...
  3. ranger_mclaren

    My new toy.

    My wife is a huge thrift store shopper I like to go so I can scope out the toy section sometimes I find a few jewels. Well I found this today. I've always wanted one of these remote controlled construction toys. The only thing I've found wrong with it the remote is broken I should be able to...
  4. ranger_mclaren

    11-11-11 Thank You!

    Happy Veterans Day!
  5. ranger_mclaren

    RaceRangers Build

    Digital camo http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=digital+camouflage&FORM=BIFD#x0y0
  6. ranger_mclaren

    RaceRangers Build

    Awesome your truck needs sides! Can't wait to see em on.
  7. ranger_mclaren

    Project Ugly

    As some of you may know I bought a 2wd '95 ranger with a 2.3. Bad is the transmission which is a 4R44E. A co-worker had it and had issues finding a tranny and was going to junk I jumped in and swooped it up. For the price he was going to get for scrap $400. I was leaving at his place until I got...
  8. ranger_mclaren

    4R44E to A4LD

    Ok, I'm in the process of getting a '95 ranger 2wd with a 2.3 and a no tranny. Per the tech library it would have a 4R44E tranny. The previous owner couldn't find one and gave up and was going to junk the truck. This is where I came in the picture I went searching for a tranny today but the junk...
  9. ranger_mclaren

    If all goes well.....

    I will be finally be getting me another ranger! Going tomorrow to look at it weather permitting. The owner is a co-worker and is actually a member on here to he just forgot his user name so he had to start a new profile. It's a '95 2wd 2.3 w/ auto tranny. Motor runs great just needs a tranny and...
  10. ranger_mclaren

    Got me a new(ish) computer.

    I got me a new(ish) computer. I had a 2000ish IBM thinkpad. Was working pretty good but was slow as hell and I picked up a virus and it of course it made it worse. I was still using it but it took lots of patients with it constantly having error codes and closing the internet every few mins. Any...
  11. ranger_mclaren


    I got bad battery cable corrosion. What causes it? I can clean it but it will build back up. I was gonna replace the battery but I really think it maybe the cable insted it has always seem like the car has had a short or a slight electrical issues it will seem to have a slight electrical studder...
  12. ranger_mclaren

    R-134A into R-12?

    I've done some quick searching and can't get a streight answer. I have a 2002 Focus the A/C just blows warm air it was working fine last year but this year it slowly dwindled into warm air. Leading me to belive it's it out of feon. Can I add R134A to a system with out draining the old R12 out...
  13. ranger_mclaren

    RaceRangers Build

    Looks real good man, ever take the ol' lady jumpin?
  14. ranger_mclaren

    Check this out....

    This belong to anyone one here? http://www.pinkbike.com/buysell/865974/
  15. ranger_mclaren

    I don't see why not.

    So i've been pricing rangers latly, I plan on going ranger shopping in october when my focus is paid off. So I've been looking around to see what year and options i'm going to be looking at when I go shopping. I would like to get a 2003 -2005 range in 4x4. But today I've notice something...
  16. ranger_mclaren

    RaceRangers Build

    That 9" looks right at home under there. Nice work man.
  17. ranger_mclaren

    RaceRangers Build

    I see your still running leafs on the rear, Are you going to four link it with the 9"? I figured with new front arms the droop will lack in the rear. What are the plans for the other truck or did I miss that?
  18. ranger_mclaren

    '95 Blazer brake issues

    My wifes nepthew has a '95 blazer. He called me up asking if I could come over to look at his truck he thinks it has air in the brake lines and it making noises when the brake pedal is pushed and pedal is hard to push down. I told him usually if there is air in the lines the pedal goes to the...
  19. ranger_mclaren

    Now thats what I call torque!!

    My kind of drag racin, Gotta love a Caterpillar engine! Jxv2hOlFav4&feature=related pUVEH7AoEnw&feature=fvwrel
  20. ranger_mclaren

    The greatest show on earth 2011

    Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus 5-16-2011 Went to the circus today first time since I was real little had a blast definitely going back! I usually post all the pics but this time i'll just post the album. Got 19 videos too...

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