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  1. a sad sad day

    i have been working on my b2 and found a crack in the block, and i don't have the money to do a 302 swap or get a new block, so I'm parting to out then scraping it :sad: some day il get another
  2. Not a BII but please help

    hey y'all I'm working on my moms (soon to be mine) 1996 f150, it has a 302, 5.0, with an auto tranny, The problem is that the starter won't turn over the motor, its not the solenoid on the fire wall because iv jumped that already i took the starter to auto zone and they tested it and said it...
  3. what am doing wrong???

    hy guys I've been working on my b2 at my school in my extra time, and I'm trying to get the motor out, i tried unbolting it from the bell housing but i couldn't get the torque converter to turn. so now i am attempting the separate the trans from the t-case but it just won't budge. everything is...
  4. Worst stuck BII

    lets see some pics of stuck B2s
  5. You know you drive a bronco II when

    you know you drive a BII when___________. fill in the blank You know you drive a bronco 2 when you glide over a mud pit that your buddies lifted gmc on 38s gets stuck up to his dies (and the bronco is stock) :-D
  6. mississippi PreRunner?

    hey guys. i have a 1984 b2 and i want to make it into a pre runner, i will mostly be on dirt roads and the occasional mud hole. what do i need to do to my suspension, i am a complete suspension idiot, thanks guys
  7. How do I unbolt the torqu converter???

    How do I unbolt the converter on my 1984 with the 2.8? Thanks guys
  8. bolt sizes

    i was just wondering if anyone anyone knows what the size of the bolts on the bell housing is, and how many of them are there. 84' 2.8 automatic, thanks guys :yahoo:
  9. Motor Removal

    hey guys i was just wondering what is the easiest way to pull the motor out of my BII its a 1984 with an auto trans, any information is great, the more detailed the better. thanks in advance :icon_thumby:
  10. Gen 1 VS. Gen 2

    everyone has there opinions, lets hear them, I'm more of a 1st gen BII guy myself, its all int the grill :headbang:
  11. 4.0 radiator swap question

    hey guys I'm putting a 4.0 radiator into my 84 bII with a 2.8, i was wondering how do i get the transcoler lines to fit, they rant quite the right size, does anyone know what size they are?, any help is greatly appreciated. thanks y'all
  12. Bronco II quick mods

    i was wondering if anyone had quick or cheep mods for guys to do t their b2s:icon_welder:
  13. 4.0 radiator

    i have a 1984 b2 2.8 and an automatic transmission, i have just got a radiator out of a 97 (i think, because it has far disc brakes) with an automatic transmission as well, will the new radiator just bolt in? if not what mods would i have to do to make it work? :icon_welder:
  14. I love PB Blaster

    it is amazing, that is all
  15. sound system??

    hey guys I'm looking for a good system for my truck ( a head unit speakers and maybe a sub or amp) i have an 84 with the funky stock dash does anyone have any ideas?
  16. wont start

    my 1984 b2 wont crank, i just replaced the button, cap, wires, plugs, and coil. but when i turn the key it wont fire, it turns over and i have a spark ( i know this because i shocked the crap out of myself) but i wont start. then after a few seconds of trying smoke starts coming out of the carb...
  17. cant get the ignition rotor off

    hey yall, i was doing a tune up on my b2 today and i couldn't get one of the screws off my rotor, does anyone have any tricks on how i could get it off? i think i striped the screw
  18. duraspark questions

    Hey guys im about to do the duraspark conversion to my 84 B2 and was wondering if i can just use the ignition modual from a 78 pinto instead of buying the duraspark " blue". if i could find the duraspark box i would use it but all my searches have come up empty, thanks
  19. Why a broncoii ?

    i was just wondering why some of yall like bronco 2s so much the main reason for me is that not many people have them around my town
  20. Manual Transfercase Problems

    My 1984 bII will shift into 4 low but will not shift back into 2wd with out me crawling underneath and shifting it like that I think it might be the shifter linkage, has anyone had this problem? if so how do i fix it? Thanks

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