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  1. '98 Ranger --> '05 Escape Seat Swap?

    Looks like you have a tilt wheel. My 98 doesn’t and the steering wheel is borderline close to the top of the seat bottom since they are a bit taller than the original. I purchased some late model mustang Gt leather seats that I’m going to put in my 99 ranger and I’ll put the leather explorer...
  2. KC area members?

    Hey kelvinf. My other Ranger is a Red 98 regular cab stepside. 2.5 5-speed. my ongoing project is a Black 99 ext cab stepside. 306 T5 Explorer 8.8 w/ traction lok 3.73.
  3. retro fitting mustang wheels help

    a 9 A 9” wheel is computed as 10” wide when figuring backspace etc. (the lips are the extra inch) So your “front space” would be 4.1”
  4. Here are actual comparison pictures of the Torque Monster, Ford Motorsport, and OBX Headers.

    I’ve got some of the OBX headers on my 99 ranger with a 306, 40p heads and a TFS cam. I just purchased a pair of twisted wedge heads and hope to be swapping them out in the next couple of months at which point I’ll have a set of P heads that pull strong to my 6K redline, and the OBX will be for...
  5. Driveshaft/rear axle/rear suspension issues…

    I am in the middle of a similar situation with my 99 ext cab 5.0 ranger. It was a 3.0 auto and has a 99 wc t5 now with the v8. When the explorer diff was still spring under the wheel sat about 1” forward in the rear wheel well. Put it in the shop to get it setup like the ranger diff with...
  6. Fixing explorer differential swap and pinion angle problem.

    I bought the spring perches and shock mounts from Barnes4wd. For the spring plates and I-bolts I bought a set of Cal-Tracs. I also went to a local place called General Spring KC and picked up a new set of leaf springs. Now I just have to wait on the chassis shop to get everything changed over...
  7. Fixing explorer differential swap and pinion angle problem.

    I ordered it individually since I didn’t need the spring plates, and the jeep shock mounts I picked are for the expo diff swap into a CJ and they are the closest thing resembling the stock mounts.
  8. Fixing explorer differential swap and pinion angle problem.

    I’ve got a 6 degree shim in now and the pinion angle is still 4 degrees up. It would require too much Additional shimming to get it right.
  9. Fixing explorer differential swap and pinion angle problem.

    F150 spring plates are the correct size for the swap.
  10. Fixing explorer differential swap and pinion angle problem.

    I ordered the ubolts, spring perches, and shock mounts from Barnes 4wd in NC. The shock mounts which look closest to stock mounts are for a Jeep using a Dana 60 or an 8.8 swapped in. The spring plates I got from a salvage yard and they are from an F150 which also has 3.25” tubes and 2.5” leaf...
  11. Best shocks that give a comfortable ride for lowered Rangers?

    my vote for the front end would be QA1 coilovers ( for a 99. 4.3 S10) with 500 lb coils. I put some of the DS401’s on my 99 extended cab ranger with a 306 SBF swapped. Have the ride height set at 30” (ground to center of fender opening and the shocks set on 8.
  12. Fixing explorer differential swap and pinion angle problem.

    I have a 99 ranger supercab with a 306 and 5 speed and an explorer rear end. I. Have been searching for leaf spring pads and shock mounts to weld onto the expo diff to correct the pinion angle problem I have with the rear end. I found some spring perches that are the correct size but I am...
  13. Dashboard Instrument Cluster Swap

    Sounds like he’s talking about the anti slosh board. That’s the only thing I know of on the left side of the back of the cluster.
  14. '98 Ranger --> '05 Escape Seat Swap?

    I got my 02 Escape seats installed last week. Guess I need to make a post about the swap so I can include some pics.
  15. '98 Ranger 5.0 Swap

    They lack the unbeatable V8 exhaust sound however.
  16. Beating a dead horse (overrev)

    I replaced the tps and it helped. Now the idle when I push in the clutch with it rolling comes down around 1800-2000 and when I stop it comes in down to the correct idle. Can’t figure out why it stays up while moving with the clutch disengaged but it’s better than it was by a lot.
  17. Car audio brands- what's junk, whats good enough?

    I just upgraded to 4 kenwood speakers and a double din kenwood w/ dvd and touchscreen and apple car play. Mostly listen to pandora thru the CarPlay. Sounds great and when I’m jamming on it the rear speaker vibrates the seat back and can feel it vibrating on my kidney. Weird feeling.
  18. KC area members?

    Looking for other ranger members in the KC Mo area. Every post I found is 10-12 years old.
  19. Lone Oklahoman?

    I’m in Mo but drive down to Oklahoma a lot. I’m a native Okie and have family there still. Was in Verdigris last weekend to see a great nephew play football. It’s his senior year - he’s their qb.

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