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  1. BSU541

    Can someone photoshop these rims black on my explorer?

    Tried to do it in paint and it didn't turn our good... obviously. I'm thinking of having them powder coated, or possibly paint them myself. If I did it myself and didn't like it, I'd just breakdown and buy new rock crawlers. Just want to try the cheap route first... So, make these wheels black...
  2. BSU541

    I made my Mazda look like a FX4

    I herculined the rocker panels and put on the FX4 stickers. Next up is 32x11.5 mud terrains. I took this with a cell phone, but you get the general idea.
  3. BSU541

    Possible to fit 33x12.5 without BL lift or fender triming? I sit 2'' higher thn stock

    So here's the deal, Right now I have 31x10.5 inch tires with 15x8 allied datona wheels. I'm going to be needing new tires by the start of this summer, and I want to get bigger tires. I have F150 coils, and my truck sits up about 1.5-2'' higher than a stock 4x4 extended cab ranger with 31x10.5...
  4. BSU541

    Updated the Mazda a bit.

    Just the back end. Took off Mud flaps, different stickers, smoked taillights. What do you think? Started like this: Ended like this: Also blackened the mazda logo on the grill. And incase anyone is wondering, 15x8 allied daytonas, 31x10.5 goodyear wranglers, f150 coils. My next plan is...
  5. BSU541

    Picture Request: 93+ 2 inch body lift, 31'' tires

    My buddy has a 94 Ranger 4x4 and wants to put a 2 inch body lift on it, but keep 31x10.5 inch tires.. Does anyone have a picture I can show him? Thanks!
  6. BSU541

    Help me decide...

    I really want to paint the very bottom lip of the rocker panels on my Mazda like FordMan49450's... I'm worried that it would turn out crappy though. I know he used a rhino lining type material, but i would just use paint. I have some questions..... 1)What type of paint should I use...
  7. BSU541

    Can I put coil spacers under F150 coils?

    Is this possible to do? I have Explorer leaf springs and F150 coils, and the back still sits up about 1.5 inches higher... I want to put in some sort of spacer to lift the front 1.5 inches, then of course, I would need an alignment afterwards. I think I read somewhere that you are not supposed...
  8. BSU541

    Window won't roll up all the way

    I have manual windows, and when I roll them up as far as they will go, there is still a 1/4 inch crack at the top, what should I do? The sound of the wind drives me crazy on the freeway...
  9. BSU541

    New Ranger Emblems

    Will they fit where Mazda puts there B4000 V6 Emblems? I imagine they would since they are the same style. I'm talking about the Ranger Emblems that they started using in 2006. Mazda has been using the same B series Emblem since '94. I know my trucks not a Ranger, but it looks like one, and I...
  10. BSU541

    I need some opinions.

    Right now, my tailgate is just plain red. I took the Mazda logo off awhile ago, and now I'm looking for a new decal or something to put on. I don't want it to be plain looking like it is... Any ideas??
  11. BSU541

    If Ford made every vehicle as good as the Rangers...

    They would be known as having better quality vehicles then Honda or Toyota. Seriously, I've had 3 rangers now, one of which had 300,000 miles and still had 99% original parts. I love ford.
  12. BSU541

    Why does Mazda list a lower towing capacity than Rangers?

    In the manual of my Mazda it says maximum towing is like 3500, and in a Ranger of the same style, year and engine, it's listed at 5600. I've towed 5400 lbs. just fine with my Mazda, so why is it listed so low?
  13. BSU541

    Will a Rhino 3000 series brush guard fit a '97 Mazda?

    I have a chance to get one for about $100 dollars that was previously on a nissan Exterra. I went to the website and it says it will fit on a a 2001-2005 ranger. I'm pretty confident It would fit my '97 Mazda since the size of the grill is about the same on the 2001-2005 Rangers. I'm sure with a...
  14. BSU541

    My updated Mazda

  15. BSU541

    Quick Question

    I'm selling my stock wheels from a 97 B4000 4x4 tommorow since I'm getting 15x8 allied black wheels tommorow. The new ones look just like these. I know they are on a tacoma, but still it looks good. My Ranger is red, so I'm using this picture as the general idea of what they will look like...
  16. BSU541

    Can anyone please help me answer this question

    I am brand new here, so I'm not sure if I'm putting this in the right spot, sorry if it's not... Well, tommorow I'm calling Les Schwab to get a pair of 15x8 rock crawlers 97 series for my Mazda. All over the internet they are about 50 bucks a piece anywhere you go, but I'm not going to order...

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