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  1. Ford Maverick Lariat

    Well, I just bought one. Was on the lot and paid sticker. The dealer had at least 15 in stock in various trim levels. Four were Tremors. I had checked with my local dealer in Minnesota and he said order only with a 4 to 6 month lead. I told him what was available at Spikes Ford in Mission...
  2. Door Adjar Switch

    Does the door adjar signal result from an open circuit or closed circuit. Asking cause it is rusted and not easy to replace. I could just tie the wires together and call it good.
  3. No 4Wheel Drive and no indicator lights

    Having a front end issue where on a left turn the front shakes violently. Fells like the binding if you turn shapely on a dry payment when the 4x4 is engaged, but more violently. But, it does not happen all the time. Comes and goes. Also noted a slight vibration at highway speeds. No problem...
  4. Seat Recline Not Working

    When I use the recline lever, the seat fully reclines. No return to upright. Must be a spring in there that is broken or loose. Any ideas or schematics?
  5. SOLD! 2010 Ranger XLT for sale

    Saw the Craigslist post. Looks nice. I am interested but have some questions. Transmission Serviced? Coolant flush? etc.
  6. Ammo prices?

    If you live in Texas or anywhere there is an Academy Sports, they get ammo and do not over price it. Check with the local store to see when they get their deliveries. All stores vary.
  7. 2008 Explorer Spottrac Limited w/V8

    I had posted as 2007, but found out it is a 2008. So I understand the transmission issues have likely been fixed by this model year and leading around the rear window. Any other issues? So for value. 152,000 and maybe $8,900. I would rather have lease mileage, but the price sounds good...
  8. 2007 Sporttrac

    Sure will. Price may be around $8,900. Seems like a good deal. Sounds like the original owner was kinda anal when it came to maintenance.
  9. 2007 Sporttrac

    Well I find out it is an '08 Limited with 152,000 on the clock. Not real sure I want that level of mileage.
  10. 2007 Sporttrac

    Considering purchasing a used one with a v-8. Anything to look out for???
  11. 1977 Ford T-bird

    A friend has one that has been in storage for 10 to 15 years. Interior he says is perfect. Some minor rust on the exterior. I will get pictures soon. Anyone interested?
  12. Thermostat Housing Replacement

    Well it was not the housing. A bolt had corroded and broke off. So much fun.
  13. Thermostat Housing Replacement

    Got a small leak in the lower housing on my 2001, 4.0. I have all the parts. Have anyone one ever done this?
  14. 2011 Ranger XLT Supercab 4x4 4dr is sold

    Do they use salt on the roads in Hew Hamp?
  15. Skid Plate

  16. Skid Plate

    Did the 2001 Off Road come with a front skid plate. I know the 2002's did. Reason I am asking, I bought the truck with a brush guard. I have been told that you had to remove the skid plate to mount it. I have since removed. Now if it did not come with a factory skid plate, can I add one...
  17. Skid plate

    I bought my 2001 Off-Road used. The guy had a brush guard on it. When I took it off, I noticed the front skid plate that came with the vehicle was no longer present. I guess they had to remove it to install the brush guard. Now I am looking for one.
  18. A new crossbow

    I don't want to get into a pro/con of crossbows for hunting. Just wanted to say there is a good deal out there if you want one.
  19. A new crossbow

    Wicked Ridge has a sale on their entry level 10-point Invader G3 thru 31 October. Just picked one up direct from them for $329. My first venture into crossbow archery. Anyone who wants one, do so quickly.

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