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  1. K.Strong

    2009 Toyota Tacoma build

    So it's been a very long time since I've been on TRS. I had a 2010 Ranger that I traded for a 09 Tacoma. This was the Ranger trs by k.strong89, on Flickr Back in November 2012 I traded it for my Tacoma and heres the build for it. The day I took it home. I kept if bone stock for a few...
  2. K.Strong

    Got a new truck

    I traded in my Ranger for a new to me truck. Here it is... Take it easy on me when you see what it is... Its an 09 Toyota Tacoma SR5. Fully loaded with power everything, keyless entry, backup camera, and 4x4. Having the extra...
  3. K.Strong

    INFO Membership Map

    20 people!? That's one BA party we could have! I see you moved to the sewer. Rent cheeper down there?
  4. K.Strong

    INFO Membership Map

    Could be worse.. I'm the only one in Canada
  5. K.Strong

    FX4 shifter swap

    Difficulty: 1 out of 10 Time to install: ~30 minutes Disclaimer: The Ranger Station.com, The Ranger Station.com Staff, nor the original poster are responsible for you doing this modification to your vehicle. By doing this modification and following this how-to you, the installer, take full...
  6. K.Strong

    new toy/build thread

    axial wraith build thread Check it .. Plans are: Waterproof it Get as much flex as possible Turn it into more of a Crawler
  7. K.Strong

    laptop crashed

    Sorry if this has been posted 10000 times but my phone won't let me search. So here's my situation. My 3 year old HP DV6998ca crashed on me tonight(vista), random blue screen pops up so I turned off the computer but it won't boot windows now. Says "opperating system not found ". It won't let...
  8. K.Strong

    Lightning Ranger

    Well if anyone was reading my facebook status tonight they would have seen that here in Nova Scotia we were having some weird weather. A tornado warning, which I've never seen anything like that in my life here. So tonight at work there was some nasty thunder and lightning storms, so I took my...
  9. K.Strong

    Lights not working

    About 2 weeks ago I picked up some KC daylighters and a Recon Xtreme tailgate bar. Last week I was driving and turned on the KC's and noticed only one was working, I checked the bulb it looks fine as well as all the wiring(no loose connections, broken wires or anything). I have no idea on what...
  10. K.Strong

    K.Strong build

    I guess its about time I make a build thread now that I have a bit done to the truck. Got the truck January 2010 with 0 kms on it. First thing I did was install my old deck/CB that I had in my old Corolla. Got some tint on and changed my CB whip to two dual sticks Next mod was tinted...
  11. K.Strong

    My truck died.....

    ....And went to heaven! Came out from getting kitty litter and look what parked by me. A Raptor.... Wait..... Look what else parked by me too.. Two Raptors parked by me :)
  12. K.Strong

    Traction Control issues

    Not sure if anyone here has had this problem or not since there's not too many 2010+ Rangers here. But today in the cold when I started up the truck the TC wouldn't let me turn it off!! Even after the truck got up to temp still wasn't able to turn the TC off. I've never had a problem in the...
  13. K.Strong

    Best way to....

    Catch a peeping Tom? Heres the story: So the last week or so a friend from work has been visited by a peeping Tom almost every night. Her and her roommate live in a basement apartment which isn't below ground, so all the windows you can looking into easily because they are full sized. We have...
  14. K.Strong

    New and improved

    Well today I picked up some tires for my across Canada trip...Was gonna go with the Duratrac's but they were going to be awhile before they came in and they had the Territories on sale for 150 a tire. So a quick trip to another Canadian Tire store that had them, and here I am. So since I last...
  15. K.Strong

    Need some wisdom

    First of all I'm not sure if this should be in the tire section or not, but I need some help with a situation I'm in. Basically this is it, Three weeks from tomorrow I'm driving from one side of Canada to almost the other. I'm moving from Nova Scotia out to Calgary, which is a 5000km drive...
  16. K.Strong

    Another prayer thread

    I hate doing this, but its always nice to have people with you when your going though a rough time, and you guys are great. On September 2nd my grandfather passed away after a long fight with lung cancer. My other grandfather passed away when I was really young, so he has been the only...
  17. K.Strong

    Door panel clips

    So the other day I removed the rear door panel from the truck to see what was rattling. Getting the panel off...No problem, putting it back on appears to be the challenge. All the little fasteners stayed in the door and didn't come out with the panel. Now I've been fighting with the little guys...
  18. K.Strong

    The kids of today

    So today after work my best friend comes over (its his birthday :beer:) and we head back to his place in his new 84 Camaro Berlinetta which he just picked up about 2 months ago. The car is in PRIME condition, not a spot of rust or body fill on the thing. So were driving up the road just about...
  19. K.Strong

    Running Board issues

    So I picked up some running boards tonight from a guy that took em off his 09 FX4...Got a great deal on em, but when I went to install em tonight I realized that the two bolt holes on the side of them don't line up with the existing holes? Did Ford actually make a change on something with the...
  20. K.Strong

    Paint removal help

    So here in Nova Scotia people like to say we have different seasons then most people, one of which is "construction". I have driven though some paint from painting the lines on the road. Just wondering what the best way to remove this might be? Nothing like white paint on black paint eh?

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