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  1. mikkelstuff

    2002 to 2004 front brake upgrade

    Whoa! Finally finished the brake upgrade and new ball joints. Only took this old guy most of 5 days. 3 days for the first and 2 for the second. I must have learned something doing the first. I will say that the brakes are definitely better. Granted the front brake pads were nearly gone but I...
  2. mikkelstuff

    2002 to 2004 front brake upgrade

    Any one know the torque specification for the three bolts that hold the front wheel bearing assembly to the knuckle? I can't seem to find that one in my manuals. I'm guessing 85 ft-lbf, same as the caliper anchor bolts.
  3. mikkelstuff

    2002 to 2004 front brake upgrade

    Got the NAPA ball joint press and that troublesome lower ball joint slid in slicker than snot! So much for buying cheap chinese tools. Anyone want to buy mine (ha)?
  4. mikkelstuff

    2002 to 2004 front brake upgrade

    This fight is with the lower ball joint which presses into the lower control arm. Only the upper ball joint slides into the knuckle. The upper should be easy.
  5. mikkelstuff

    2002 to 2004 front brake upgrade

    Making progress on the brake upgrade and ball joint replacement. What a pain! Installing the upper control arm/ball joint was no more than the usual fight. No new blood loss but I'm running out of new epithets. Then on to the lower ball joint. I bought this cheap Chinese no doubt ball joint...
  6. mikkelstuff

    2002 to 2004 front brake upgrade

    Yes, I already converted the rear brakes to 2002 Mustang GT disk brakes which also made a big difference. Thanks Bird76 Mojo - I too will forget those knuckle seals which I can't find anyway.
  7. mikkelstuff

    2002 to 2004 front brake upgrade

    I finally got around to starting a front brake upgrade by installing the larger diameter 2004 front brakes on my 2002 4WD Ranger. The steering knuckles have to be changed but I got a set some time back from a junker 2004 along with everything else I thought I'd need. My intent was to change out...
  8. mikkelstuff


    Changed the oil in my 2002 4WD 3.0L. I was doing my usual gripping about having to reach over the front wheel and through the fender well to get to the danged oil filter when, first time ever, I noticed it - Ford actually installed a plastic spout under the oil filter so that oil is directed...
  9. mikkelstuff

    1996 3.0L V-6 ... No power

    I'm thinking camshaft synchronizer. My 2002 3.0L at 110,000 miles would miss sporadically when pushed hard but run 80 mph (across Wyoming) with no problem. I inherited the truck from my Dad who said it "always did that." Changing spark plugs, plug wires, and coil pack did not help. Changing out...
  10. mikkelstuff

    What's your mileage on your Ranger, B2, Expo, other Fords...

    Currently 245,000 miles on my 1975 Ranchero GT. I bought it new. I just had the engine, factory 460, rebuilt. The compression was still good and never used over a quart of oil between 4,000 mile oil changes - all leaking oil I suspect. Actually this engine was leaking oil and water just about...
  11. mikkelstuff

    (Power Windows) How much of a pain...

    Great questions. I'd like to do the same with my 2002 XLT.
  12. mikkelstuff

    Lifter tap at cold start help..

    I've found Marvel Mystery Oil to help those sticky lifters.
  13. mikkelstuff

    Replace oil pump?

    Most oil pumps, my experience, are good for far more than 115,000 miles. Just be sure it is clean with no varnish build up.
  14. mikkelstuff

    Caliper bracket

    The '02 Mustang caliper pistons screw in and out. No C-clamp with them.
  15. mikkelstuff

    Caliper bracket

    For what it's worth, I bought a set of new '02 Mustang rear calipers from Amazon when I converted my '02 Ranger to Mustang rear disc brakes. Those calipers were worthless. One would not open wide enough no matter what to fit over the rotor when loaded with new pads. I think these were Chinese...
  16. mikkelstuff

    Broken Head Bolt

    Yes, very very odd with either old or new head bolts. I would at least check your torque wrench against another - a rental from the parts place if nothing else.
  17. mikkelstuff

    Use Anti Seize on New Plugs ???

    Ever have a spark plug body twist in two on an air-cooled VW bug? I have. What a pain in the a**. Like I see above, I use anti-seize on any bolt subject to the elements (water, salt, corrosion, etc.) as well as spark plugs. I use Permatex anti-seize just because it has always worked well for me.
  18. mikkelstuff

    Front seat belt assemblies 2002 4-door Ranger

    Too much? So make me an offer.
  19. mikkelstuff


    Properly rewired the lift in the back of my 2002 Ranger XLT. This had been my Dad's truck. The VA gave him an electric scooter and lift to move it in and out this truck. I can guess who installed the lift. Ok I suppose until the on/off switch located on the lift finally died from enough rain...
  20. mikkelstuff

    console removal

    Anyone know how to remove the console from my 2002 Ranger XLT?