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  1. 86MUDRCJ

    My 1991 ford ranger 4x4

    Definitely a clean start to a build.
  2. 86MUDRCJ

    Front End Swap

    That would be cool. I feel like it would still keep the front end squared but update it a bit.
  3. 86MUDRCJ

    Work In Progress

    That would be ideal considering the time it would take from start to finish. Thanks, I actually ended up selling the blue truck and am currently looking into starting another project. Interesting,of course what looks like it'll work doesn't always go as planned.
  4. 86MUDRCJ

    Front End Swap

    Getting parts would be kind of difficult, and to my knowledge I don't think anybody has done that swap. It seems most people either like the second gen or first. This build would be more of a cleaner build to keep not just to wheel and beat up. I can definitely see why people would like the...
  5. 86MUDRCJ

    What’s for dinner tonite!

    Now that's a power move if I've ever heard of one.
  6. 86MUDRCJ

    Work In Progress

    I posted in another section of the forum but i figured i might have better luck in here... I know that 1st gen and 2nd gen bodies are similar, but can you swap a 1st gen front clip on a 2nd gen? I've been wanting to get back into a Ranger for awhile, and ideally want a 1st gen extended cab...
  7. 86MUDRCJ

    Front End Swap

    I have tried to find the answer via search function, and I am pretty sure it has been asked a bunch of times so I apologize in advance. I know that 1st gen and 2nd gen bodies are similar, but can you swap a 1st gen front clip on a 2nd gen? I've been wanting to get back into a Ranger for awhile...
  8. 86MUDRCJ

    Tdi in 90s ranger

    I have been also wondering about this... I have seen them done multiple times with Toyotas. But the crossmembers might be one of those "one off jobs"
  9. 86MUDRCJ

    Work In Progress

    Update: Unfortunately the truck is no longer mine. I ended up selling it last year due to it needing a lot more work than I could do at the time. I ended moving out of state and couldn’t make the trip back and forth to just tinker with it, and didn’t have room for it up here. Then when the...
  10. 86MUDRCJ

    Front end rebuild.

    So what do I need to get as far as parts to rebuild the dana 28? I was planning.on going sas before then, but financially it's not possible right now. So does anybody have a parts list of what I'm gonna need? Thanks
  11. 86MUDRCJ

    Straight and shoot d44 ?

    You're still going to have to build the coil buckets, figure out your steering angles, have that made, get different coils(iirc), and a bunch of other stuff. It takes a lot of measuring, time, and money. But people have done it in a week or so. If you're looking for an almost direct bolt in...
  12. 86MUDRCJ

    What do I need to grab...

    I'm sorry it's a f250. It has 8 lug wheels.
  13. 86MUDRCJ

    What do I need to grab...

    It's a rear axle out of a 74 f150 and I'm just gonna use leafs.
  14. 86MUDRCJ

    What do I need to grab...

    I mean a 3/4 Dana 60
  15. 86MUDRCJ

    What do I need to grab...

    I might be getting a 3/4 ton Dana44 but the kicker is I ha ave to pull the axle itself. Anything besides everything that's on the axle I should grab?
  16. 86MUDRCJ

    1993 ford escort

    So recently the wife and I have been putting a lot of miles on her car because of the ranger not being fixed. And today I went to start it and it stumbled almost like it wasn't getting enough fuel. And it kept doing it throughout the day. I'm pretty sure I have it narrowed down enough that its...
  17. 86MUDRCJ

    LED off-road bars!

    I've noticed a lot of people switching to the led because in almost every way they're better than just bulbs lights. I'm just curious if anyone is running them? I found a site thay sells them and from the research I've done they are really competitively priced. I'm thinking about buying a couple...
  18. 86MUDRCJ

    What would you do?

    Okay guys, I've been thinking for awhile about what I'm gonna do as far as motor options for the truck. I know ultimately it comes down to budget, but with the new job ill have a nice chunk of change to throw at it every month. So here's where I'm at: 1) Put a used 2.9 back in without...
  19. 86MUDRCJ

    Dana 44 questions help!!

    If I remeber right you won't be able to use the arms that are already on the b2. Plus if you're going as far as putting a sollid axle under there I would just make a set of radius arms off of the 44.
  20. 86MUDRCJ

    Fiberglass fender selection

    I've noticed lately that all the fiberglass fenders and bedsides don't look the same? You can order either 3" fronts or 6" and 4" or 5" for the rear. And the rears have the updated tail lights. It's probly just me being picky but I would like the front/rears to be the same and I would like to...

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