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  1. Ak907Girl

    Halo Projector question

    Hey, so there's this set of Halo Projectors for my F150 on craigslist RIGHT NOW for $50, and I really want to get them, but are they any good? My boyfriend said they aren't all that great. I've googled about them and searched on here, but I want personal answers. $50..... and they'd slip right...
  2. Ak907Girl

    TORC Racing. Hello!

    So.... In Traxxas Profession TORC Racing. How many female drivers are there? NONE! Who wants to be the first, THIS GIRL! OMG!!! I WANNA DO THAT!!! Professionally that is... I have found Heaven, and now must enter it. ......if anyone wants to sponsor me and help me build a TORC truck...
  3. Ak907Girl

    Wondering Where I've been?

    2012 Arctic Man Ski, Snowboard, and Snowmachine Classic just north of Summit and Paxson Lake, Alaska. The main event is the ski and snowboard race. Skiiers and snowboarders drop down a 5,000 foot steap mountain called the Tit. At the bottom they hook up with a snowmachiner partner who drags...
  4. Ak907Girl

    "907 Red" 08 F150

    Super stoked to have my 2008 F150 5 speed manual 2wd standard cab, 6ft bed as a 20th birthday present to myself!! when I bought March 22, 2012 it had 11,363 miles on it; today April 4th it now has 11,617 miles. HAHAHA..... And soon to be much more miles with my drive to Arctic Man (snowmachine...
  5. Ak907Girl

    Ak907Girl got a truck for her birthday!!

    So I bought a new truck for my birthday! 2008 4.2L V6 5 speed manual 2wd F150!!
  6. Ak907Girl

    Rest In Peace Lilly Ranger....

    Blown head gasket, clogged CAT... and I am completely flat broke. It's spring time and time for a newer (hopefully a Ranger) Vehicle. The boyfriend wants me to get a Ford F***us, and I'd rather have a new 4X4 Ranger. But Prices are steap and I have no money... at all.... This summer is gonna be...
  7. Ak907Girl

    NO Power?

    So, this truck of mine... it's still doing this low RPM B.S. I'm not exactly sure yet.... EGR works fine for the most part. But it's miss-firing. I stalled out three times at a stop light today.. I was like WTF!!! Would even be possible for my truck to be slipping in and out of time? The timing...
  8. Ak907Girl

    Aye them there Canadians aye...

    Anyone who is in or around Whitehorse Yukon, Arctic Winter Games will be in Whitehorse this March. I please please advise you to go check it out. Especially Inuit and Dene Games. My stepdad is the coach for the men's Dene team. I got to go to Arctic Winter Games in 2010 in Grand Praire...
  9. Ak907Girl

    2wd in snow.

    http://youtu.be/l5mDTvbehYs 2wd rangers hangle just fine in the snow, as long as you know how to handle your truck.
  10. Ak907Girl


    So the 2.3L likes to run hot, 195 degrees is what Lima said. I got a new thermostat, but I got whatever one that had. It's small...... like... tiny... is it supposed to be tiny or am I just used to bigger trucks with big thermostats... (wow that wasn't an induendo at all.)? On the other hand...
  11. Ak907Girl


    Yeah, I've taken an arrow to the knee! GAHHH CANNOT STOP PLAYING SKYRIM!! Weeeee kill dragon here... kill dragon there... Swing battle axe here swing battle axe there! and drink some mead! HELL YEAH! :headbang: <----- XBOX NERD! You play skyrim?
  12. Ak907Girl

    I has an issue!!!!

    So, I finally get back from my company trip and I go to start up my truck. And she happily started right up after sitting in the work parking lot covered in snow for 3 days. I let the engine warm up and the idle dropped, which it has been doing this for a few weeks now. First thought it was the...
  13. Ak907Girl

    Polar Plunge in Seward, Ak!

    So, Although I didn't get to drive my ranger down to Seward because it's a company trip I thought I would post pictures of the Polar Plunge! The Polar Plunge is a once a year thing that goes on during January, in the Harbor of Seward, Alaska. The ocean water here today was 37-39.5 degrees F...
  14. Ak907Girl


    So I was looking through the Tech Library at 2wd lifts (while answering the phone at work), and I couldn't tell you the difference one lift to the other. What brand do you guys recomend? Post a picture of your lift! What's a decent price range, (I beat people if I get ripped off! lol jk)...
  15. Ak907Girl

    Where's your good spots and game?

    They have training for farming?!?! or was it for something else? I love horses, but I've never been on a farm before. Not too many of those up here, mostly in Palmer, Alaska. My grandpa lives down the road from a Cow farm, and I love going to see the cows grazing!
  16. Ak907Girl

    Older or Newer?

    Okay, I can't stand it. What happened to go old trucks where you really had to press down on the breaks, actually turn the strearing wheel, and actually know how to drive!?!?! My friends that have brand new cars and trucks are so lame. They have all these anti-slide, park assist. PARK ASSIST...
  17. Ak907Girl

    Where's your good spots and game?

    Well Alaskans are just tougher. LOL JK! i talk a lot of smack with a smile on my face. I'm just used to seeing really big moose and having to deal with them in my back yard and hanging dead in the garage. Not a lot can actually scare me animal wise unless it's a spider or insect.
  18. Ak907Girl

    Where's your good spots and game?

    Moose are very proud respectful creature, they're very much like a horse. If you approtch them, keeping a nice distance, they'll walk right up to you and sniff you, lick you. you can pet them. lol I've been face to face with a moose and his female during rutting season. that was scary, I had my...
  19. Ak907Girl

    Green Lily Recreation

    So, the plan is to make my truck a BAMF BEAST! Step one: Re-build engine, seeing as how there's 315K miles. Step one question: I would like to put a header, What is a good brand to order from, or should I just build one myself?:icon_confused: The only other time I installed a custom header...
  20. Ak907Girl

    Where's your good spots and game?

    I work in tourism for the most part and people always ask me the stupidest questions, and we get a lot of lower 48 hunters who think they're top dogs, that is until they see a full grown Alaskan Bull Moose and Sh*t their pants. lol I grew up rompin the trails in a 79 chevy Cheynne half ton. Boy...

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