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  1. mn_smokeater

    Reintro of sorts

    Thanks guys!
  2. mn_smokeater


  3. mn_smokeater

    Reintro of sorts

    Been away so long I think i almost need to reintroduce myself. Short story long...joined years ago with a Bronco II looking for help with it and a Ranger down the road. Life got weird and busy and lost touch with the forum but the Bronco reveal has brought me back. Made a few contributions...
  4. mn_smokeater


    Test Test.
  5. mn_smokeater

    Decision for a first handgun

    Ahhhh yes child come to the Sig Sauer fold. Both are great options. I would say the 2022 might be a better starter as the 9mm round is more affordable to shoot your practice rounds in and the defensive rounds can approach the .40 range. The 229 though brings more to the table in options. You...
  6. mn_smokeater

    EPA To Wipe Out Lead Bullets

    Much less an issue then people are making of it: http://sierrabullets.wordpress.com/2013/11/01/sierra-responds-how-will-the-closure-of-the-lead-smelting-plant-affect-sierra-bullets/
  7. mn_smokeater

    The gun thread...

    Looks Great! Glad to help!:headbang:
  8. mn_smokeater

    Anyone have a cabin they get away to?

    Jim, Make clear a few uhhh hours before clicking as its tons and tons and tons of Cabins, http://cabinporn.com/
  9. mn_smokeater

    The gun thread...

    PMs replied and exchanged.
  10. mn_smokeater

    broken trigger blade

    Well being many people upgrade the guns there should be a good bit of stock parts around for decent prices. If you can weld it and keep the lines and how it works proper that shouldn't be a issue I would think.
  11. mn_smokeater

    The gun thread...

    Well get on it!:headbang:
  12. mn_smokeater

    The gun thread...

    Great Stuff!
  13. mn_smokeater

    Stevens Model 200 ammo

    5.56 is higher pressure as well as having a longer Throat in the chamber. .223 Wylde Chambers will shoot both 5.56 and .223 and longer match rounds.
  14. mn_smokeater

    need help deciding

    Stay away from the Rem 710 and 770, if you are thinking of going with Rem look at the Rem 700 series. Savage and Ruger are good. Far as barrel wear, you look at the rifling as well as the throat and crown of the barrel to check that. Some rounds will wear more then others as well as some...
  15. mn_smokeater

    Firearms, Hunting, Knife References: Laws, Resources, Etc.[WIP]

    Will have to see what happens with the pending Legislation before making to many updates
  16. mn_smokeater

    Scopin' things out

    Off top of my head any of the big names will work, my Bushnell 3x9 that came with my Remington 710 30.06 has taken plenty of deer and gotten me hits on man sized targets a 300 yards easy. Going to a Mil system opens a whole can o worms. You can have a mildot with Mil/Mil or Mil/MOA then there...

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