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  1. Wanted 98 ranger

    Does anyone have or know where to get a steering knuckle for my 98 4wd or if there's any other compatible years or models
  2. 98 ranger parts and compatabolity

    Mine does have a tortorson bar butnits been changed to manual push lock outs you can see where the hose for the vacuum was at least I think that's wat it is. I can find everything before and after but not that year and ford says it's discontinued
  3. 98 ranger parts and compatabolity

    Hi guys I got a 98 ranger 4wd 4.0 I just got in a wreck. I need a front driver steering knuckle and am having trouble locating one seems like that part is discontinued so I'm asking if someone can direct me to a reliable place to purchase or if that year is compatible with any other years

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