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  1. off_road_junkie21

    Fuel pump problems

    of frist of my truck is 1987 ford ranger 4x4. i drove the truck home last night no problems. got in it to day and it just turns over. cheacked the fuel rail and iam not getting fuel at all. i can here the relay clicking for the fuel pumps but they are not working. what is the problem?:pissedoff:
  2. off_road_junkie21

    drive line questions?????

    ok frist off i havent been on in a while so HI EVEYONE!! ok to my questions. I drive a 87 ext cab 4wd. the problem i have is the ujoints keep spining inside the ears. i have had it fixed once and now its doing it again!! the u joints are really small for one. i put a 8.8 in it out of a new...
  3. off_road_junkie21

    goverment sticking there nose were it dont belong again!!!

    http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stop_Online_Piracy_Act Hey guys though u would like to know about this. Let me know what u think. I don't like the bill myself. This is a free country we need to keep what's left free. I love our country hate the government. Later guys
  4. off_road_junkie21

    2.9 block heater???

    Ok i want to put a block header in my 2.9 but i cant find one that says it is made for my 2.9. I have found a few at napa that seem like they would work for around $35.00. Iam doing this because my engine sounds like it has hammers in it when i start it on cold winter days. The engine was...
  5. off_road_junkie21

    4.0 swap question

    Hey guys been a while since ive posted. My labtop got stolen so all i have is my ph. Ok to my question. i have a 87 ranger with a mt. I wont to swap in a 4.0. I will be useing my tranny cause i just rebuilt it. The wiring is what scares me. I want to keep my dash to. what all wires will i have...
  6. off_road_junkie21


    Would like to get some pics of how the exhaust is and the heater box once a v8 is in. I have a 3inche body lift allready so pics with that to will help alot. Thanks guys
  7. off_road_junkie21

    Eating fuel!!!!

    ok my truck has been going though fuel this winter like crazy. i have had to replace the fpr battrey and thats about it. i took the egr off last summer and got a power bost and a jump in gas millage. so here is my question why is this thing eating fuel. 5 gallons last me about 2 days right now...
  8. off_road_junkie21

    odd charging problem??

    Ok my truck has done this since ive had owend it. When u start the truck the amp guage is ok. But once it has been running for a while the guage starts jumping tword the postive side And back. Ive cleaned the battery cables 3 times and it still does it. Then about last week i went from a 40 amp...
  9. off_road_junkie21

    How's my set up?

    Ok my main question is how do u guys like this set up. The reason i am doing it this way is the truck is a dd and my weekend worrer (mudding no rock crawling). i allso use it to hall shit all the time. Here are the links to the stuff i will be using. first up is the 2inche coil spacer. will i...
  10. off_road_junkie21

    289 questions

    ok i my firend talked me into going with a 302 from a mercury mountaineer. now my question is will a aod bolt up to it? and what flex plate should i use? i want to use a mild cam any suggestions?? I am going to carb this engine with a 650 eb and a eb intake. i also heard you can use your 2.9...
  11. off_road_junkie21

    8.8 question

    ok i have an 8.8 i bough from a fella from here. it has a 3 inch bolt pattren for the flange and my truck has the 2.5 inche. can i just swap out the flanges? he said the 8.8 came out of a 96 ranger will the springs pearches be right. side question can i take the internals from a exploader 8.8...
  12. off_road_junkie21

    taking off egr

    ok i have a egr on my truck. i have the block off plate from another truck. i want to get ride of it. my question is would it cause my elite to come on??? thanks shaun
  13. off_road_junkie21

    swaping in a 8.8?????

    ok i have a 7.5 right now in my truck. i will be swaping in a 8.8. the guy i bought it from said it is from a 96 ranger. will i have to moive the spring pads and will my drive shaft bolt right up? from what i have read in the tech section it is wider then the axle i have now is this tru? i...
  14. off_road_junkie21

    t case flanges

    ok i have the 1350bw t case with the slip yoke to the front drive shaft. did they make a 1350 that had a bolt type? i would like to use that on my truck when i lift it. (dont like the slip yoke!) are will i have to up grade to a 1354. I want to stick with a manule case. thanks for the help
  15. off_road_junkie21

    roughcountry lift good are bad???

    I will be getting a 4inche lift for my truck. good are bad?
  16. off_road_junkie21

    really rusted shock mount

    well it finally happend one of my old shocks gave out. so now i have to replace them all instead of putting the money twored my f150. they all have been bad for a while now. just didnt want to put the money for new ones cause once the f150 is going i was goint to lift the ranger. pule i have to...
  17. off_road_junkie21

    Need info!!!!!

    I have put in a manual t case. The problem is the little arm on the t case it self is to long. So i just want to drill a hole and move the pin. i need the measurement from a small one that way i know where to drill the hole. the tcase is a 1350 mated to a fm145. thanks
  18. off_road_junkie21

    5.0 and keep it 4wd

    ok i have a 87 ranger that i will be putting in a carberated 5.0 with a built aod. i want to keep it 4wd what problems am i going to run into? i will be keeping my dana 28 and my 7.5 as i will only have the money for the swap. my though was cant i take a drive trane from a early 90s modle f150...
  19. off_road_junkie21

    looking for injectors for a 1999 zx2

    my sisters car has a bad injector. so i am asking anyone if u have 1 are 4 for a decent price let me know. she needs the car fixed bad and i would rather replace all 4 at one. thank u shaun 1999 ford zx2
  20. off_road_junkie21

    cash for clunkers rant!!

    ok i hate this shit people are taking good cars in to get a computer controlled pic of shit!! i had to go to the ford dealer for a part. i pulled up and got out walked not even 4 steps and i here a guy say ill give u 800.00 on trade if for that. :pissedoff:I told him to take his new cars and...

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