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  1. Idler pulley bolt size?

    I'm not entirely positive. I think it was a 2001 or 2002. I didn't think that the bolt sizes would change when everything else on the bracket was the same. The tensioner pulley bolt got bigger as well. Luckily I left that on when I took the bracket. The idler was already gone though so I wasn't...
  2. Idler pulley bolt size?

    Did Ford change the size of the idler pulley bolt? I had modified my power steering pump bracket to put a Saginaw pump in there but it was leaking and I'm going back to stock so I went and got a new bracket from the junkyard and get everything on and go to put the idler pulley on and the bolt...
  3. What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Charged up my air conditioning system! Installed A/C in my barebones XL over the last few days. It will be nice being able to stay nice and cool this summer.
  4. Adding A/C but need wiring help

    Damn this has taken me awhile! Finally got around to getting this done. It works like a champ! My barebones XL now has AC! Next on the list is cruise control. I got the module under the hood installed and I have the buttons ready for install just need to get the clock spring and decide if I...
  5. Adding A/C but need wiring help

    Just confirmed with my handy dandy multimeter that the gray/white wire is in fact connected to AC relay pin 4(87). I think I'm good to go. Just need to collect the parts. I'm mostly going to get new but I want to grab as much hardware and the wiring harness from a JY truck.
  6. Adding A/C but need wiring help

    Finally got around to looking for those two wires. I definitely have black/yellow at pin 86. Not sure about the gray/white wire from the relay. I couldn't figure out out to look at the back of the relay. I did find that there is a gray/white wire at pin 6 on the connector under the brake booster.
  7. Adding A/C but need wiring help

    Well things are looking good. Not only do I have the ac relay plug and connectors I have the actual relay and fuse. Seems kinda weird that they are there but they are. It also appears that I have the violet wire at pin 41. So hopefully once I get everything it will fire right up!
  8. Adding A/C but need wiring help

    That would be awesome! I can't wait to check. Thank you!
  9. Adding A/C but need wiring help

    I'm not sure about the relay plug. I'll have to check next time my daughter stops by. She uses it most of the time. Info have purple wire. Not sure it lands in pin 41. I guess I'll need to check that one too. I appreciate all the help!
  10. Adding A/C but need wiring help

    Thank you for the information! Are you saying that even if I do have all the wiring already in place that it may not work because my computer may not be correct? And if that is true I can still install the AC without the PC just using the pressure switches and the AC switch?
  11. Adding A/C but need wiring help

    I'll keep looking then. Thank you!
  12. Adding A/C but need wiring help

    Like this one? EVTM
  13. Adding A/C but need wiring help

    No they did not! I'm thinking I need to get a proper wiring schematic.
  14. Adding A/C but need wiring help

    You mean the entire wiring harness behind the dash? I was hoping it might be a little easier than that.
  15. Adding A/C but need wiring help

    How to install OEM A/C from scratch So I read the article (linked above) on how to add A/C from scratch but it doesn't seem as if I'm pre-wired. The connector under the brave booster only has 5 wires and the wires at the heater controller are violet and gray/yellow. Does anyone know if I can...
  16. 1999 FORD RANGER XLT 4WD 83,740 Original Miles

    What are the odds that they adjusted the speedometer for those tires and the mileage is actually correct?
  17. For Sale Partout: 99' 2wd ranger

    How is the drivers seatbelt? Mine doesn't retract much at all.
  18. 2000 5.0 Explorer Swap Into 98 Ranger 4.0

    I'm always a fan of stronger so the BW4406 calls to me. I have two worries though. 1. Fitment. I'm not sure I have the welding skills or equipment to move the engine over to make room. 2. Driveshafts. In the Explorer thread it talks about using a 4.6L front and a 5.4L rear with and adapter...
  19. 2000 5.0 Explorer Swap Into 98 Ranger 4.0

    ah, that makes sense! Thank you!
  20. 2000 5.0 Explorer Swap Into 98 Ranger 4.0

    So if I went this method would I still need to find an AWD Explorer or will a 4x4 be fine?

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