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  1. Regular 4x4 or off road package (FX4)

    My offloading experience tells me that I don't need the stock top model because I'm going to be replacing those parts either way. For example if I have (Chevy example is all I can think of right now) a Silverado 4x4 or a Z71 off road package with better Springs, maybe limited slip vs just 4x4...
  2. Newer Ranger owner / old 95 B-ko

    Hello all, Names Dusty. So I was actually getting into 4 wheeling a few years back, vs that shit I did in my jeep when I was a teen rolling around anywhere but pavement in an 88 XJ and spinnin around in mud (ha some still think that's wheelin). I traded a 97 Z71 that was a really nice truck...

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