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  1. 351 or 302 mods for Tri-y headers for AOD

    Drivers side pics. Have a 1/4” of clearance.
  2. 351 or 302 mods for Tri-y headers for AOD

    My welds arent near perfect but good enough for the life span of these $99 eBay stainless try-y headers for a 65-66 Mustang. I’m building a 351 AOD 2WD Sport Ranger and was hopeful the wider 351 would allow the headers to clear. It did not. Starter fits fine, the collector hit the transmission...
  3. DJM 4/5 drop with 18's.

    What wheel size / back spacing and tire size are you running? I just ordered front 18x9 and rear 18x10 FR500's from AmericanMuscle.com and I'm going to require at least a 1" spacer up front and w/ my Explorer 8.8, the 18x10's barely stick out of my flare side bed. I haven't ordered tires yet...
  4. 2000 Ranger rear axle swap, some guidance needed.

    Better plan on buying new shackles w/ bolts and u-bolts. I just did an explorer 8.8 swap in a 2WD ranger to lower and for an upcoming V8 swap. My shackles bolts were super rusty and I had to cut out via 4" angle grinder and reciprocating saw. Took way longer than expected. FYI.
  5. What floor mount shifter for AOD?

    Ordered the American Shifter because of the lockout design / safety. This truck will eventually be driven by my son.
  6. What floor mount shifter for AOD?

    What automatic shifter you folks running? Building a 2wd, 351, AOD sport truck. Engine is done and nearly ready to gut the engine bay for the swap. Doing an 8.8 swap with 3.73LS this weekend. I searched… Thanks in advance!
  7. King of the Hammers - Which events to spectate?

    I can't make heads or tails of the KOH schedule. Someone want to dumb it down and explain the events? https://kingofthehammers.com/kohschedule/ My son and are flying to CA for part of King of the Hammers and plan to spectate and camp. I may have some flexibility on the days we attend. As...
  8. Considering a carb’d or Sniper v8 swap in 2002 with PATS

    Thank you for the info. I have a Sniper on my classic bronco and I am prepared to install a new fuel lines, pump and or regulators. I actually have all the fuel lines and fittings on the shelf. I over buy stuff. I also have several carbs for initial start up and tuning before I introduce EFI...
  9. Considering a carb’d or Sniper v8 swap in 2002 with PATS

    I did some searching and can’t find exact what looking for. I have a bunch of left over old school SBF stuff from my 76 Bronco and a 65 Mustang. I would like to V8 swap a poorly running 2.3L 2002 Ranger I just bought over to a simple carb or TBI EFI w/ a spare 351 roller block and c4 that I...
  10. Need schooled on da “Flareside” rangers yo!

    Snagged a 2002 for $1,300 with a 2.3 and 5 speed. Working on getting in running better so we can drive it a bit before we start to fiddle.
  11. Need schooled on da “Flareside” rangers yo!

    Exactly, Yea this kinda stuff!!! I need an excuse to build a SBF 351 based stroker to a 383 (poor mans stroker). I have since located two flare side trucks w/ blown engines and will hopefully look at them this weekend, unless they are both Craigs List & FB scams.... Last two I looked at had...
  12. Need schooled on da “Flareside” rangers yo!

    I’m old and listening to old school rap which inspired my title tonight. Also whatever happed to Trucking magazine? It was f’in awesome from when I was like a 1990’s 12 year old till I discovered the Kittie (if you know what I mean (). It was our monthly bible. Absolutely loved it. Alright...
  13. Best Driveable Tire Size for 2.9L w/ 4.88 gears???

    I have access to a 86 ford Ranger w/ an unknown engine issue and an 86 B2 w/ damaged transmission for free, they are just setting in storage at my dads. The trans is the same in both trucks so I can build one. I've always been a ford guy and am currently working on a 65 stang. I'm doing a...

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