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  1. Duraspark conversion.

    Thanks for the info. I know the eBay carb is stamped 1.08. I’ll have to check my v8 carb. My distributor came in so I may try to convert everything but the carb and see how she runs for now. The evil TFI module, computer, and sensors are the parts that I’m trying to eliminate anyhow.
  2. Duraspark conversion.

    So, here’s a question. I have a mid ‘70’s 302 that I thought about refreshing and dropping in the B-II. It has what appears to be a 2150 2bbl (and proper throttle linkage). Can I have that rebuilt and just swap jets to the proper size for the 2.8L or is it more complicated than that?
  3. Duraspark conversion.

    Yeah I’m perplexed as to what that actually does. It free floats, but the cog close to the idle screw engages the throttle lever and moves it about an 1/8”. For what I have no idea.
  4. Duraspark conversion.

    Thanks for the input. Number 1 seems the most viable, and I’ll have to check it. Seems like the kick down would have a spring so perhaps this is an anvil lever that I can modify and attach the kick down plus a return or resistance spring. Currently the extra “bell crank”is free moving, does...
  5. Duraspark conversion.

    Carb arrived. First observation is that it doesn't have the same throttle linkage. No attachment point for the kick down or "passing gear" linkage (pics below). Doesn't look to be easily swapped, if at all. '84 Ranger/Bronco II Shop manual shows kick down at bottom of linkage. Is there a way of...
  6. Duraspark conversion.

    I agree, however with the scarcity of parts I had to order the carb and distributor from ebay (sight unseen), so I'm not 100% sure about them. Only way to verify is install, thus I would rather it not be a permanent install, if it is the downtime may be extensive.
  7. Duraspark conversion.

    Great info. Definitely gonna watch this thread! My 2150 carb should arrive today and the dist. Over the weekend. Sourcing the other parts from NAPA. I hope this can be done as a bypass. In other words disconnect the computer and sensors, but leave intact so I can revert back to it if I have...
  8. Duraspark conversion.

    I’m rounding up the parts for the Duraspark conversion on an ‘84 Bronco II. Quick question or three, (I’m still in the planning/theory stage) what is the distributor cap adapter for? Is it really necessary? Are the parts found on eBay what they claim to be or stay away from them?
  9. 2.8L question

    In my search for the unicorn late '70's v6 Pinto for the Duraspark converion, I'm wondering if I find one should I not go ahead and buy the entire engine if reasonably priced. Question is, why are the Pinto's rated at like 90hp while the B-II 2.8L is rated at 115hp. Must be something different...
  10. New Bronco II owner

    I guess I could just pull vacuum off the brake booster connection.
  11. New Bronco II owner

    I’m not new to to 4x4 scene I used to build Toyota Land Cruisers for off road. Back then I was all into the computer controlled EFI, great for offroad. Now I just want simple. Maybe I just wanted to break out some if the pre ODB-II tools. 😂
  12. New Bronco II owner

    Hey all, got my first B-II. 1984 2.8l, auto. Great solid body, majority of it’s miles are from being dinghy towed behind an RV. Had to do some adjustments on the choke a fuel mixture to get it to idle and run half decent, the little 2.8 seems solid. I’m trying to bide my time until I can round...

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