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  1. Need Help With Idler Pulley

    Problem solved. The pointy side goes against the bearing in back of the pulley. The reason it wasn't working is due to being sold the wrong part.. The AC Delco 38001 part wont match up to the bolt and when everything is tightened down it won't spin freely. I took it back to Auto Zone and got...
  2. Need Help With Idler Pulley

    Heres a quick question. I have a 2002 3 liter Ranger Edge 2 wheel drive. The top idler pulley was screaming and a bit wobbly so I replaced it tonight. I noticed on the old pulley that there is an odd looking washer with 3 teeth bent inward that screws onto the bolt. I screwed it on with the...
  3. 02 Ranger Edge 3.0

    Thanks for the tip, pjtoledo! Would that be why my oil gauge flutters once in a while, while idling? Just started doing it a week ago.
  4. 02 Ranger Edge 3.0

    241,000 original miles and owned it since 04. It ran great until recently so I just started an overhaul where needed the most. New radiator, water pump, hoses, thermostat, IAC, MAF, coil, plugs, wires, and an oil change. Now she runs like the day we got her! More to do but the important stuff is...

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