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  1. How to calibrate speedometer

    Thanks. It appears a used tuner might be the best option and gives extra features. Now I just have to work through the vast number of brands/models to figure what works for my ranger.
  2. How to calibrate speedometer

    My speedo and I'm sure odometer is off about 5%. How do I fix this on a 2004 ranger XLT 4x4? Thanks! Jason
  3. Noisy crank pulley (harmonic pulley)

    Update, the problem is now fixed. As stated in my original post there is a loose ring inside the pulley. It has nothing to do with the rubber damper. I have attached 2 pics of the ring loose in my old pulley and a pic of the new one with it attached properly. From my research this is an...
  4. Noisy crank pulley (harmonic pulley)

    I really don't know if it's hurting anything. The pulley is not separating, wobbling or making any squeeking noises. Butt I better change it to be safe and to keep me from stressing over it.
  5. Noisy crank pulley (harmonic pulley)

    I have found a couple posts on the Internet saying the 04-05's have a balancing ring in the pulley that comes loose. I can't find any info stating if it will cause more problems or if it's ok to leave it. I don't hear it inside the truck at all. Only when I'm outside with it idling so the...
  6. Noisy crank pulley (harmonic pulley)

    Thanks for the heads up about the timing chain. This is definitely some sort of ring that is loose inside the harmonic pulley. I can barely see it and I can put my fingers in there and move it around. I can't get it to come out tho.
  7. Noisy crank pulley (harmonic pulley)

    Hi folks. If got a new to me 2004 ranger XLT with the 4.0 engine. Making my way through needed maintenance and noticed noise coming from the crank pulley. Turns out there is a loose ring or something inside it that rattles around. It's not loud so I can live with the noise as long as it...
  8. 2004 stock radio intermittent

    Problem solved!🙂 Cutting that (red/blk) mute wire didn't make a difference BUT while I was back in there messing with the wires it shut off again. This time I noticed the clock reset back to 12:00 meaning it must be the always hot wire (green/violet). I have tested it ohh so many times with...
  9. 2004 stock radio intermittent

    Thanks Ron! I'll cut it and report back. I thought the clutch being pressed in affected it once so maybe your guess is correct.
  10. 2004 stock radio intermittent

    Hi all. I just bought a 2004 ranger XLT 4x4. The radio works sometimes..... I've checked the radio plug with a multimeter and found the red/blk wire that mutes the radio (hot in start) has 5v all the time regardless of the key position. I'm guessing this is not right and causing the problem...

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