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  1. ranger meets

    hi im from south west washington state and im really wanting to get a ranger meet together have a bbq a cruise just like a car show but only rangers and the mazdas ranger style bseries...if anyone else is from washington state and wanna get together and start this hmu
  2. Looking for 2.3 turbo diesel

    Hi im looking for the 2.3 turbo diesel to put in my truck i have the 2.9 but ive always wanted the 2.3 turbo diesel all my friends have the toyotas with the 22rte and they always like to make fun of me because i have the onlu non turboed truck so i thought long and hard about it and i wanna swap...
  3. 87 ranger axle ?????

    1. hi i have an 87 ranger 4wd and was wondering what axle i have im wanting to do new gears but i cant figure out what rear axle i have 2. Also is the ttb considered a straight axle ive heard lots of diffrent answers??
  4. Hello from Washington state anybody else from WA??

    hi im from washington.. i have had 4 rangers in the last year 1.1990 ford ranger 2.3 5 speed 2wd singlecab 2.1986 ford ranger 2.9 5speed stock 4wd ext cab 3.1990 ford ranger 2.9 2wd ext cab 5 speed 4 my current ranger thats my baby 1987 ford ranger 2.9 5speed lifted 6inches 4wd...ive done lots...

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