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  1. Bad Spark

    Update number 2 I’ve driven it about 30 miles. it runs and idles now which is more than can be said for this morning. it’s lost power twice, but other than that so far it feels pretty good. I pulled a plug. It looks like it blackened up a little from when I hit it with the torch. the...
  2. Bad Spark

    Update: The timing was off. I rotated the distributor about a quarter of an inch, checked it again and the markers lining up. It still didn’t run right so I took the plugs out, and put a blow torch on them. I’ve run it about 15 miles now and it’s running well. Thanks for all the suggestions...
  3. Bad Spark

    Good morning, This is my last day off for a while so if I don’t get it fixed today, it will probably sit for a while. I’m going to try and check the time if today, but I am a novice at this. Any pointers would be appreciated. I’ve looked at a lot of you tube videos and I think I have the...
  4. Bad Spark

    Thank you for your response. I don’t have a timing light, and my neighbors broke. I checked that I had spark with one of those inline spark plug wire bulbs. Could changing the tfi module alter the timing or should it? I checked the plugs, they are black again That’s maybe 10 miles thank you
  5. Bad Spark

    Update: I replaced the pcv valve. I swapped in an fpr that I know works. I replaced the map sensor because it was full of dirt I haven’t touched the O2 sensor, but it’s only a couple months old. It runs worse when it’s warm. Should i unplug it as a test to see if it runs better did I...
  6. Bad Spark

    Hi Ron, Thank you for the detailed response. The bronco has always run a little rich. I get the faint hint of gasoline every now and then. The fuel pressure regulator is relatively new but I will check the vacuum line when I get home. The O2 sensor is also new. A couple months old. The pvc is...
  7. Bad Spark

    Hi RonD, Update: I checked the plugs and they were fouled black. I checked the cap and button and they both had a fair amount of corrosion. Which again is weird because they are only 2 years old. I replaced all of them, and I took it for a test drive last night and it ran great except it had...
  8. Bad Spark

    Hi Ron, That is a very helpful diagram to keep in my back pocket. Thank you. To the best of my knowledge, the firing oder is correct. I did notice that the plug wires on the passenger side felt a little loose so I put the old wires back on and it runs better, not perfect but better. My plan...
  9. Bad Spark

    Hi Ron, Thank you for your response. I am pretty sure the firing order is correct because it worked fine before I changed the module and I didn't unglug them. However, It is definitely possible that they are no longer tight. I easily could have pulled them loose while working on it. I'll check...
  10. Bad Spark

    I have a 1987 Bronco II. I am not a mechanic. I replaced the TFI Module. I Screwed something up. I was getting some slight hesitation when I pressed the gas, the idle was a little rough, and a little rough on start up and going from drive to park. I figured the ignition system. I checked the...
  11. Computer relay

    Thank you, that is very helpful.. I will go pick one up.
  12. Computer relay

    Thank you for the advice. This may be a dumb question, but There are no numbers or anything on the base/wire harness in regards to the wire orientation… do I just match up the wires to the location they currently are on the base to the new one?
  13. Computer relay

    Does anyone know the part numbers, or where I can buy an eec relay and wire harness… I can’t find one anywhere. I have found them with 5 pins instead of four, but I can’t find an exact match. Do they still make them? Thanks for the help
  14. No rpms

    Basically it’s gotten worse, and I think I may have been linking different problems between last year and this year. I did some work to it over the winter. It was running better then it ever had. Then when it started to warm up outside, it would stall occasionally after maybe 5 miles of driving...
  15. No rpms

    I cleaned the idle air control valve with mass air flow sensor cleaner because I thought this could be the problem... it looks to be original to the car, is there a good chance this is the problem?
  16. No rpms

    Thank you for the idea. Fuel Pressure is just under 40 PIS I believe. I swapped out the MAP sensor from an 87 bronco II I have. It works in the 87 so unless the year makes a difference cause of the year or something I don't think its that. Spark seems erratic to me, but it seems erratic when the...
  17. Bad spark

    I just swapped it out. I forgot to check the volts when it was running, but the performance of the car didn’t change with the good battery.
  18. Bad spark

    I might, it is low on volts. It is also undersized for the car, i’ll swap it out to see if that’s the problem but if it were the battery, wouldn’t the jumper level out the truck when it was connected? Or once it’s started, doesn’t the alternator kind of take over?
  19. Bad spark

    Update: I just got back. Battery is at 10 volts sitting and 12 volts running. I through a battery pack on it a couple days ago, I didn’t test the volts, but it didn’t change the way the truck runs. It hovers between 500 and 600 rpms before shutting off. ... maybe the alternator isn’t putting out...
  20. Bad spark

    I didn’t see the rest of your earlier post. I do have low volts at the battery.. I checked yesterday, but I think it was 10.. I’ll check it again when I get home... if this is the problem, do you know what the issue is? ... in regards to your last post, I was wondering about timing, but I don’t...

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