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  1. 1986 Bronco 2 4.0 swap

    Hello there I have a 86 bronco 2 auto trans with the 2.9. My uncle has a 4.0 engine that needs new head gaskets but overall is a good engine. I was wondering if someone already has a step by step and a part list of what I'm going to need to do this swap Thank you
  2. No Spark Ignition Issue (1986 B2 2.9)

    the coil only sparks once and it doesn't spark again
  3. No Spark Ignition Issue (1986 B2 2.9)

    I'll have to see whenever i have free time again. ill let you know
  4. No Spark Ignition Issue (1986 B2 2.9)

    yes I get spark from the coil
  5. No Spark Ignition Issue (1986 B2 2.9)

    My first post on the forum so sorry if I forget to include something. I recently traded for a Bronco 2 and completely redone the fuel system (new tank, pumps, and filter). Now that I know I have fuel I have to get spark. When I got the car the ignition timing was 180 degrees out so I fixed that...

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