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  1. I hate to ask, but 04 ranger explorer bucket/console swap

    Recently came up with an 04 ext cab 4 door ranger. I HATE the 60/40 seats. In my 99 I found a good pair of power leather explorer buckets and console that were fairly bolt in. Yesterday I found a pair of power leather bucket seats out of an 04 explorer, for $40.....a pair.....in good...
  2. 9 inch width

    any local driveline shop should be able to narrow your rearend to the specs you need.
  3. Info on automatic transmission casing differences in 98-00

    I have the auto transmission out in my truck. I had been told that ONLY a 98-00 4speed auto from a 4x4 would fit it. It appears the bellhousing unbolts like every other transmission I have seen and the rear spacer housing (for lack of a better term, the part the tansfercase bolts to). are...

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