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  1. Will Not Crank

    Okay, this is amazing information. I might roll the dice and get a key cut and buy the obd2 adapter and software if I can find it. Thanks very much.
  2. Will Not Crank

    No. I have looked a bit deeper into this. I determined that the PCM is receiving all of the correct voltages however it is not operating either the start relay or the fuel relay. I replaced the PCM and now I have the check engine light and a flashing theft light because my original key and PATS...
  3. Will Not Crank

    Hi guys. I have a 2006, 2wd 3.0L auto Ranger. It will not crank. I have checked the pcm relay output which is good to the pcm. All fuses are good. Key on acc, no CEL and my scanner will not read the pcm. The theft light goes out on acc as well. No fuel relay and no start relay signals from the...

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