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  1. Refresh me on freshening up wheel bearings...

    Found this old thread...today i went to pack my new front wheel bearings in advance of doing front wheel bearings job....the grease didn't want to adhere to the bearing. I could pack it in, but on the outside of the bearing if the grease is thin and my finger rubs it, the grease wants to peel...
  2. Temperature Sensor Issues ( Temp gauge not responding)

    Take it to a shop, or the dealership, let them worry about it, sometimes that's best, tell them to call you when its finished
  3. "Click" sound when brake pedal is pressed

    I enjoy life despite larger problems than this...my father isn't doing so great, my mom gets tired dealing with him.....I can still wanna find the source of a truck click....not that big a deal......checked my reverse bulbs for the hell of it, one was toast, maybe that has something to do with it
  4. "Click" sound when brake pedal is pressed

    My truck does it sometimes.....wondered if a bare reverse wire was rubbing on a bare brake light wire and when both get juice at the same time they short?/click a relay??? It's definitely a clicking relay sound and not hardware/clips in the caliper/pad area
  5. What would a ground fault in an alternator do?

    The problem was the path from the GEM to the battery saver relay(battery saver relay is on fuse #26) got shorted out inside the GEM, so a new relay would not fix the issue ,,needed a new GEM, the old/same relays were put back in and work normal
  6. What would a ground fault in an alternator do?

    I got beyond checking the fuses. We got more specific. We first started by checking on the engine fuse box,found a 50 amp fuse causing the draw.....found out that THAT 50 is for the entire I/P fuse panel,which is the INSIDE cab fuse panel, it has 35 mini fuses in it, so started pulling the...
  7. 2001 Ranger grinding while braking, brakes good

    I need to do em....ive replaced a few on my other trucks, never had quite this symptom, usually they were noisier in general, not just at the end of a long hard stop, but if that's what it is that's what it is....pretty easy job with the right tools
  8. 2001 Ranger grinding while braking, brakes good

    I have a 2001 2wd 3.0 does the same exact thing....rotors and pads are perfect/worn normal, have newer rear brakes....i cant figure it out...new calipers helped for a while, an alignment helped for a while.....my alignment didn't hold very well which led me to wonder if something is warped or...
  9. My Mechanic Overfilled Transmission Fluid after Replacing Seals, Gaskets, etc Question

    I like to check my level after I've been driving around for a while and tranny is at operating temp, good and hot, as opposed to say starting the truck in the morning and just waiting for the needle to read engine heated up to normal temp....youll get slightly different readings....On the...
  10. My Mechanic Overfilled Transmission Fluid after Replacing Seals, Gaskets, etc Question

    I wouldn't remove more than an 1\8-1/4 quart at a time.....it doesn't take much to drop or increase the reading on the stick......since its running good i would just go 1/8th of a quart at a time then drive it for a day or two, see how its doing , where your level reads etc
  11. What would a ground fault in an alternator do?

    I know the difference....ive been naming them correctly....and I'm not saying that smugly, ...engine fuse box has different types of fuses(square tower ones 50...down to minis10-30 and relays, the I/P fuse panel is the one on the extreme left side of dash, have to open the driver door to access...
  12. What would a ground fault in an alternator do?

    The shop says my GEM has shorted itself out....they said they unplug the GEM and the drain goes away, they found a used one , gonna install it for $200 monday....325k miles on my truck, may be the original GEM
  13. misfire no codes

    A new coil pack connector is what smoothed out my miss after i had tried plugs,wires,coil pack,alternator. ..............also, very lightly move/nudge the top wire of your TPS sensor where the wire goes into the back of the connector, do it with motor running in park, see if your idle changes...
  14. What would a ground fault in an alternator do?

    So its a few days later,Tues, truck goes in shop thurs....ive learned a little elec the last few days, learned how to somewhat use a multimeter, enough to track my drain to a certain point.....beyond where i am now i know I cannot do/diagnose but I'm ok w that. For me i accomplished a LOT...
  15. What would a ground fault in an alternator do?

    I kept saying we were gonna isolate my problem "tmrw"....i don't why i kept saying that, we're gonna work on it Thursday....they are swamped until then......i was able to watch a few different YouTube videos and buy a multimeter and replicate the test the mechanic was doing to find my...
  16. What would a ground fault in an alternator do?

    i DO have a parasitic drain.....as soon as we find the drain im changing the alt, it's old and the bearings are getting a little noisy, it's charging good but I've never liked the idea of waiting for an alternator to go bad before replacing...ive heard too many bad stories.....age and worn...
  17. What would a ground fault in an alternator do?

    Thanks.....the alt was off the truck....i took it in to them...........they said they couldn't test it while off the truck bcuz it has a ground fault
  18. Never ending idling problems

    Does your throttle float shut completely when you let off the gas? Is the spring good? Maybe a gas/air ratio thing
  19. B

    Yeah...i have the steering wheel in the sweet spot but its higher than i like...ive had it that way for a few years. I guess im used to it...i figured a wire was getting pinched or something....my old 00 ranger did the same thing....im gonna have the shop take a look at it. Thanks for your input...
  20. B

    Tonight when i got home i pulled every fuse from cab fuse box and lightly wire brushed them all perfect, just to have that covered....some had a fair amount of schmutz on them.....now that i know the draw is coming from things associated with the cab fuses, i have a few suspicions....the...

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