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  1. seat belts, plus

    Thanks Dustin, I will check them out Terry
  2. seat belts, plus

    Hi I am still getting my Bronco II on the road. It was sitting for over ten years. It is now in the upholstery shop as the interior was trashed. I want to replace my seat belts but unsure of replacements. I am looking at the ones in LMC Turck parts. I am also open for any help, suggestions...
  3. Digital clock for Bronco ll

    I was looking for a digital clock for my 86 Bronco 2. I found an electronics repair shop 'Harry's DynaTech Electronics' in Sacramento. He repaired the digital clock. He enjoys the challenges. I recommend him to anyone who may need older electronics that could be repaired, if unable to find a...
  4. Tr1948 a newbe

    Hi I know this is mostly for Rangers but I have seen some Bronco ll sprinkled amongst so I feel better. I have a 1986 Bronco ll Eddie Bauer V6 with automatic trans. My father-in-law bought new. I bought it when he could no longer drive. Our youngest son liked it and got it from me. It...

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