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  1. Finally. A permanent power steering whine fix!

    I did the same swap. It’s quiet as a mouse now. No more whine
  2. Broken cross member need help.

    I have a 99 Ranger 4x4. Torsion bar suspension. Lift keys. Cranked all the way. Running p78 16 buckshot bias ply mudders. I hit a rut and the right side cross member frame broke where the torsion bar connects. It broke in the corner area. How can i fix this? Is this a common problem? The right...
  3. 99 Ranger PVH/Manual hub swap to live axle

    My 99 ranger had the PVH hubs when I got it. they did not work. I switch to the manual hubs from rugged ridge. I had nothing but problems with them. for one they would not stay on. they kept falling off. they did not engage the axle spline very well either so sometimes they would not lock in...
  4. Forgot to install rubber o ring on 99 ranger hub assembly

    Hey when I got done installing my new hub assembly I realized I’d left off the rubber oring that goes on the back side. Is this a big deal or is this just for the Vacumm hub system which I don’t use anymore? I have Manual hubs
  5. Winch plate

    I had this made at a fab shop. Bolts to factory hook bolt holes
  6. why can't i get a pic to upload?

  7. wheel sensor not working need advice

    I have a 99 ranger with 4 wheel abs. the abs light on. my mechanic says my right front sensor is not sending a signal. do I have any option but to the replace the whole hub assembly? I like the 4 wheel abs when on slick mud. it really helps me keep the truck under control.
  8. Lift keys, lift shackles, explorer leaf spring swap

    I got forged lift keys off eBay, 2in lift shackles off eBay, did the explorer leaf spring swap. I left the factory blocks. I have a total of 4in of lift. I am running 32 in Gateway P58 16 Buckshot bias ply mudders. Pulls amazing. awesome tire.
  9. Bogging no power won't idle.

    My 99 4.0 has had an intermittent issue. Loss of power, stalls on idle, running very rough. Tried looking for Vacumm leak, tried different MAF sensor, checked fuel pressure. Was getting code for too lean on bank two and FPS code. Finally replaced 02 sensor on the left bank and it seems to be fixed.
  10. Steering slack fixed!!!

    Hey I had too much slack in my steering. I put in a new rack and that helped some. Then I found a lower steering shaft from a junk yard. It now feels good as new. The old shaft knuckle joint was worn out.
  11. Gateway Buckshot mudders bias ply installed

    I have 16in wheels on my 1999 Ranger. I have 4 in of lift from lift keys and 2in lift shackles and explorer leaf springs. I was able to fit P58 16 bias ply mudders. They look awesome and pull awesome. I don't know how to post to a pic
  12. 99 Danger Ranger hunting truck

    Thought I'd tell y'all ab my Ranger. It's a 1999 4.0 super cab with the off road package. 16 in wheels, power windows, power locks, tilt cruise, cd, cassette, factory skid plates. I've added a front skid plate, lift keys, 2in shackles, and did the explorer leaf spring swap. I currently have ab...
  13. 99 4.0 head scratcher...

    I now have a 1999 4x4 Supercab Ranger. I've on the forum before with my 93 ranger i sold but i forgot my username. A few weeks ago the 99 truck became very hard to get started and had no power. It was running very rough when it did start. I cleaned the MAF sensor and changed the fuel filter...

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