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  1. Wanted Wanted: 1988 Ford Ranger 4x4 with lift, and 302 motor, 5 spd manual transmission

    I am looking for a 1988 Ford Ranger 4x4 with 3- 4" lift. 302 motor. 5spd manual transmission. regular cab. can offer up to $10,000. contact: Michael Pierce @ burnsmichael56@yahoo.com. I am in Arizona.
  2. need help trouble shooting starter motor problems

    I replaced the flywheel on my 88 ford ranger 4x4 manual tranny. recently had trouble starting motor found out bendix was damaged, checked out flywheel no damage. replaced starter motor, but it will not engage with flywheel, and clashes grinds with flywheel bad noise!! what could be going on...
  3. advice/help on excessive idle speed on 88 ford 2.9l v-6

    I am in Phoenix, Arizona. I recently acquired an 88 Ford 4x4 Ranger 2.9l v-6 engine 5 spd manual tranny. Saturday it was very damp/cold (for Arizona that is!!!!) It was then that the engine idle speed accelerated from its set 1100 rpm's to 2,000+ rpms, and would not kick down. I checked for...
  4. any ford ranger 4x4 off roaders in Phoenix, az?????

    Hi, I am a vermont transplant here in phx for almost 3 years, are their any other ranger 4x4 enthusiasts in phoenix I can connect with, share ideas, talents, skills etc. Its always good to do projects with others not solo.
  5. searching for replacement 88 ranger 4x4 w/lift

    Hey there!!!! On april fools I got a fiery joke. It seems some tweeker was using my great ranger 4x4 as a gas station on wheels, how it happened I do not know, but it caught fire, and in the process of dealing with it I received 2nd/3d degree burns, and hospitalized for 3 weeks. to make it...

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