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  1. 2011 Ranger dpfe code

    I don't know if it has anything to do with the po401code but I sprayed that IAC valve out last night along with taking the EGR tube off but drove it 80 miles so far without the code coming up. I'm going to let the truck cool down and drive it again. Thanks for you help I really appreciate it.
  2. 2011 Ranger dpfe code

    Ok. Took it out today so far so good no codes. I just have to wait for the monitors to be ready.
  3. 2011 Ranger dpfe code

    Ok thanks. I took off the EGR tube and the inside of it looked like it's brand new. I checked for a blockage in the exhaust manifold and it seemed to be clear. Unless I burned something out of there when I heated it with the torch. Now I'm thinking maybe the EGR isn't opening because of the...
  4. 2011 Ranger dpfe code

    Update: I unplugged the dpfe sensor and drove it and a po406 code came up. Then I put another new sensor on and cleared the code then drove it and got the po401 code again. So I decided to disconnect the EGR to see if I heard a big exhaust leak but I didn't. I put my finger over the end of the...
  5. 2011 Ranger dpfe code

    I went by the stock plug. I soldered and heat srunk the wires. I did go out and double checked the voltage. On the dpfe, Bottom wire 5v, middle is ground top wire is 1 volt at idle and a little over 4 volts when EGR opens. Is that about where I need to be?
  6. 2011 Ranger dpfe code

    This is how I have my dpfe sensor installed.
  7. 2011 Ranger dpfe code

    Thanks. Now if everything works ok and I no longer have any codes is there some sort of driving procedure I can do to get all of the monitors ready?
  8. 2011 Ranger dpfe code

    Ok thanks. That helps out a lot. If it's a computer issue then do I have to go get a new one?
  9. 2011 Ranger dpfe code

    Hey everyone I just bought my 2011 Ford ranger with the 4.0 a few months ago knowing it had a po401 code thinking it was going to be a easy fix but, I was very wrong. It came with a new, egr valve the tube for the EGR on it so I figured it had to be the dpfe sensor. So I put the new one on and...

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