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  1. houlimon

    6 inch rear Bilsteins

    Happy day yall. looking into getting some rear shocks for my 84 its sitting on 2 blocks around 5 inches of lift that im not to fond of. i plan to get some chevy 63's and the belltech 6400's in the next month and ditch the blocks. wondering if anyone sticks with bilstein and has a part number for...
  2. houlimon

    84 2.8l valve seal

    I believe I need to replace my Valve stem seals for truck is burning oil under acceleration. Waiting on the seals to show up this morning. was wondering if y'all had a few tricks to make this a little easier? truck is lifted 6-8 inches. i'm not to sure the valve spring compressor i'm looking...
  3. houlimon

    84 2wd coil spring spacer

    yeah i would like to keep it factory, going after this weekend as long as it doesn't rain.
  4. houlimon

    84 2wd coil spring spacer

    Yes, thank you! :icon_thumby: only on the passenger side or both sides? this truck was lifted and has been sitting, pretty much all the bushings need replaced. i am also not sure what they used since its not stock.
  5. houlimon

    84 2wd coil spring spacer

    coil spring isolator?? i have an 84 thats been sitting for a while and i need the lower seats replaced also i think i have found them but not sure, i found this...
  6. houlimon

    need 73 f250 fuel diagram

    please, need diagram for fuel starting from the aux fuel tank( or behind seat tank) . or if already posted then a link to thread would be cool. thanks!!
  7. houlimon

    vacuum diagram

    84 2.8L v6 i have a loose vacuum hose and on the hose it says windshield washer fluid vacuum hose one end is hooked up and the other is just floating. would be cool if someone could post the diagram or knows where both ends go! thanks, Sean
  8. houlimon

    Hello from Norcal to Socal

    Name is Sean I have an 84 2.8L V6 4x4 5spd manual with a huge cab with roll cage inside. 3 inch body and suspension lift. been sitting for 5 or more years needs LOTS of work. does run but not well...:icon_hornsup:
  9. houlimon

    tail lights still on

    truck runs, front lamps work when i pull the knob, blinkers work. when i push the nob in, my tail lights stay on draining my battery. not sure where to start...

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