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  1. Dune Runner

    EPA To Wipe Out Lead Bullets

    I'm with ya Charlie Cheap Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Dune Runner

    Heater control valve crumbled into pieces

    So driving to work the other day I had just pulled into my parking space and killed the engine. I noticed a little steam come out from under the hood. I popped the hood and saw where the heater control valve had been spraying coolant all over the place. Just a pin hole but under pressure was...
  3. Dune Runner

    NY Legal AR

    LMAO What a bunch of morons. I am so sick and tired of idiots making stupid laws. Im for open or concealed carry and the right to own any gun you like.
  4. Dune Runner

    EPA To Wipe Out Lead Bullets

    Big government at work. Nothing but a SNAFU. They bought up all the ammo because they don't want US to have any. Another way around the 2nd amendment. Sure you can buy guns, Just no ammo.
  5. Dune Runner

    Loud power steering pump

    I have owned a few Rangers and know that they are notorious for having noisy pumps. My question is have any of you had any luck with a replacement that wasn't just as noisy? The damn thing drives me crazy. I have flushed it a few times and it still whines just as bad. :dunno:
  6. Dune Runner

    Just an idea. Go fast truck

    I know a guy that did just that in his prerunner. It makes the cab real tight if it's a standard cab. He is a small guy and it works for him but I would never fit in it.
  7. Dune Runner

    fishing haida gwaii

    Nice fish and beautiful area to live. On another note, I used to have a dog that looked just like yours. He was my childhood dog and lived 18 years. Brings back some great memories.
  8. Dune Runner


    A sloppy cylinder is not good. Whenever I am in doubt about a gun I take it to a gun smith and have it checked out. Most times they won't even charge you. BTW all revolvers will have a little blast between the cylinder and barrel. That's why you keep your hands away from that area.
  9. Dune Runner

    Help! Can't figure out lean codes.

    Ok 99 4.0 OHV. So far this truck has had the fuel pump, MAF, TPS, Intake gaskets, two O2 sensors, Injector O rings, replaced. Two independent shops and the dealer have gone through the truck. The PCM has been reprogrammed with updates. It has been checked for vacuum leaks many times. I even...
  10. Dune Runner

    New guy bought another Ranger

    Hi all, Just picked up a new to me ranger and figured I'd join up here for info and like minded peeps. I picked up a 99 4x4 4dr with a 4.0 OHV and the 5R55E tranny. 123k on the clock. Years ago I had a 90 Ranger xcab 2wd pre runner with the 2.9. I also had a 98 5.0 Exploder in between. Im 49...

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