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  1. bombsquad

    All new mexico!!!!

    On june 13 meet at fudruckers in alb at 10 for a truck meet and a trail day at the end of southern!!!
  2. bombsquad

    All New Mexico!!!!

    Hey wats up, on June 13 at 10 o'clock at the fudruckers in alb, we r having a offroad meeting and also a trail day out at the end of southern. so it you want to go juss meet at fudruckers at 10!!:icon_cheers:
  3. bombsquad

    Calling all New Mexico rangers and explores!!!!

    :headbang::icon_cheers:Lets see all of your rigs!!!!
  4. bombsquad

    Sweet I got my body lift on!!!

    Hey guys thanks for the advice on the body lift it worked out great and looks sweeeeettt!!:icon_thumby:
  5. bombsquad

    need advice help!!!

    Hey yall i got a 93 explore and i juss got a 3" body lift and im pretty capuble of doing it but is there an easy way of doing it, let me know wat u think!!!
  6. bombsquad


    Hey yall, ive got a 1993 2-door ford explore, 4.0 v-6, manual lock in hubs, locked rear end, costom safari rack,31" muds with pwc rims. So my question is I juss got a 3" body lift and i was wondering how is the best way to takle a job lick this. So if u got any ideas let me know...

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