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  1. logicgear

    Back on the road again.

    100% even in a farming town we let looks from local LEOs when someone in riding in the bed in town (25mph)
  2. logicgear

    Back on the road again.

    Now that's cool. I'll need to find one. Thanks for the info.
  3. logicgear

    Back on the road again.

    Thanks, yeah I fully agree. She loves cars and once I find a way to mount the car seat in the front I'm goning start taking her for rides.
  4. logicgear

    Back on the road again.

    Thank you, yeah she has been asking to go for a ride in it. I just haven't found a way to mount the car seat in the front seat so it won't move. These older seat belts don't ratchet lock.
  5. logicgear

    Back on the road again.

    After a 4 year hiatus, my truck is back on the road. Had to park her when we had a kiddo. But I have to put the Cherokee in the shop for a while, so I had to get the ranger running. And the bug has bitten me. :-D
  6. logicgear

    Cab corner Seperation....HELP

    hey all, I have ran into a problem. my windsheild started leaking :bawling: well I thoght it was the windsheild. I have found that the drivers side A-piller is starting to seperate from the roof and that is were the leak is coming from. i have sealed it temporaly with some urathane but how can...
  7. logicgear

    Anyone need a 2.9L Crankshaft

    Okay everyone, we're putting a new crank in my girlfriends truck. Cause we both work in autoparts and get killer deals and discounts it was only $30 more for a crankshaft kit over buying bearings and having to old crank turned and polished so were just going new. BUT...... when we pulled the old...
  8. logicgear

    anyone kow this guy?

    so aaron47 found this link on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Me-lYPVWGrw the video info says 89 Ranger, 4.6 sohc (95 Police Crown Vic), m5od (98 F150), BW1356 (92 F150), 8.8 (00 explorer), d35 (94 explorer). does anyone know who this guy is and if he in on here. I WANT INFO on his...
  9. logicgear

    Cossmember question

    Okay so from what I have read on here and FRF the first and second gen BII 2wd and 4x4 trucks used the same engine crossmember. And I have read that the first and second gen rangers 2wd and 4x4 used different crossmembers. My question is what is the difference between the two ranger crossmember?
  10. logicgear

    To Any Vista Media Center People....Help!

    hey all i have been working on ripping my dvd colection to my media center that i built a while ago. but im at the point to were i want to tweak the media center app its self. is it posabul to chage the main menu and take things off like pictures tv music etc.... i am just using it for my movies...
  11. logicgear

    83 ranger 89+ ranger suspension?

    only difference is the leaf springs themselfs if i remember the guy at the local spring shop said that the 83-92 rangers had three different pack options. light, med, & heavy.
  12. logicgear

    Remember the GMC Syclone? I want to build a Ranger version.

    i was just thinking while reading. is the Aerostar a unibody or is it a frame van? either way couldn't you graph the ranger and aerostar togeather/ my buddys parents have the AWD Aerostar and it has just about the same stants as my lower first gen (3-2 1/2 drop). it would just about be perfect...
  13. logicgear

    Rims on lowered 2nd Rangers?

    I want to get some different wheels for my ranger. i have a 90 x-cab and want to go with some stock ranger wheels. like maybe the ones below. if anyone has pics of a 2nd gen with these on or other it would be great to see. thanks. :icon_thumby:
  14. logicgear

    Brake lines on lowered II Gen

    i have a 3" ibeam on my 90 and because of the drop it makes the brake line upfront on both sides in the shape of a Z on its side so when the suspension travels it puts stress on the line. im running longer stainless steal lines and they are rubbing and would rather not use them. i just wanted to...
  15. logicgear

    Power loss till about 3,000rpm

    i am having the a problem with my 90'. We did a motor refresh (all new gaskets, distributor, TFI Module, Cap, Rotor, Plugs, wires, & Fuel Pressure Reg) about a week ago. the cats are only a year old. got new magnaflow ones. and ran F'in Fabolus for like three days then one day it just feel on...
  16. logicgear

    lets see your trucks

    this is my 90 with 3" Ibeams & flipped hangers. On 215\60R15 all the way around. i had a flip kit in the rear but it sat to low. rides better and looks better with the flipped hangers.
  17. logicgear

    Cooling Issue. PLEASE! I NEED HELP!

    OK guys here is the skinny my 2.9L was getting hot. around 225 degrees F. it was a bad radiator i thought. so i installed a new radiator, t-stat, & fan cluch. the water pump and heater core and hoses are all about 6 months old. now everything i used was stock 2.9L other then the radiator. i used...

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