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  1. krugford

    Spray Can Paint Job!!

    Well, it's no RBV, but it's still a FORD TRUCK! And a 42 year old one at that. This thing took a good 10 cans of Rustoleum. Probably cost about 45 bucks counting paint and masking tape. Looks a lot better than the multi-color it was before! Close-up shots? We don't need no close-up...
  2. krugford

    1967 F100 Power to Manual Steering

    I've got a question about Power/Manual steering on a 1967 F100. I currently have a truck that I am trying to sell to a friend of my brothers. There's a short list of things that I am fixing on this truck to make it road worthy/reliable as a 40 year old truck can get. One of the things on the...
  3. krugford

    Anyone got a junk SOHC they want to part out?

    I've got a little modeling project that I've been working on the side (personal hobby) and I'm to the point where I need the air system from the 4.0L SOHC to measurements. I'd like it from a newer Ranger if possible, but I'd also take one from an Explorer if they're identical (I think they are...
  4. krugford

    Can someone verify this? 94 Escort Fan Never Runs

    I've got an issue with my 94 Ford Escort 1.9L, as stated in the title, the cooling fan never runs. I've checked over the electrical with a fine tooth comb and cannot find a single fault anywhere. All three relays check good, I have grounds where I should, voltage where I should, and I know the...
  5. krugford

    IMRC Location

    Wouldn't that have the swirl control? The small butterfly valve in the intake runner might be carboned up or sticking. Or you might have a bad solenoid, or vacuum actuator, or a vacuum leak. Start with a visual inspection. Got a PC/ED manual? It'd walk you through whats to check to narrow...
  6. krugford

    Another engine design.............

    The math.... Interesting looking engine BTW. Shipping to 50677? I want to take one apart.
  7. krugford

    I'm stumped, CEL on, hard start when hot, high idle when cold

    I've got a 1994 Ford Escort with the 1.9L and the 4EAT auto tranny. It's my beater daily driver that gets good mileage (~33 mpg give or take). I've got a couple problems with it that I can't track down any further without a breakout box.... When the vehicle is cold: -Starts fine -Runs fine...
  8. krugford

    New Trailer Finally DONE!

    Well, what started out as a "I'll build a small trailer this month" turned into a "Hmmm, I want it to look good too...." Well, it's only a utility trailer. 6x9' - 3500lb axle, wheels are getting painted black soon. I've only got around $800 in it. Most of the steel is scrap (25 cents a pound...
  9. krugford

    Bubbles in coolant and running hot.

    Well, it's not a Ranger, but I just picked up a 1994 Ford Escort 1.9L for a commuter. Good or bad, I picked it up for $800. The problem: Lately it's been running hotter than usual. Cruising on the highway, it'll run about 3/4 the way to hot (still inside "normal" range). Come into town and...
  10. krugford


    I have been unable to find anything with respect to full hydro steering being illegal in the Iowa Code. I have also been unable to find any requirements for the mechanical design of a steering system for an on-highway vehicle... The increase in turning radius means that you need to have self...
  11. krugford

    gearing for 44" tires?

    How heavy are these tires? 150lbs heavier than the stockers? That's adding close to 15% onto the stock vehicle. Not as much of an increase in forces as the increase in radius will give you, but not negligible either. If a tire is spinning and catching, it's the inertia of the rest of the...
  12. krugford

    Castrol Synchromesh in FM146???

    Pennzoil Synchromesh in FM146??? Alright, I've got a 1992 Ranger with the 2.9L and the FM146 tranny. I just got one with about 10k on a rebuild and I've got it cleaned up and ready to go into my truck. The problem is that I can't find GL-4 anywhere locally! The "closest" I could come is...
  13. krugford

    Ranchero 9" rear

    +1 They're not full floaters. They simply use a flange to retain the axle in the housing rather than a c-clip, which is convenient until you break an axle and need to get the peice stuck in the carrier out so you can pull the third member. As stated, a 9 inch isn't that much stronger than a...
  14. krugford

    mmmm, fried brakes

    So I was going over to my buddies place after work to have a couple of beers. I get out, and catch a whiff of something burning that you know shouldn't be burning. Kind of a strong acrid kind of smell that makes you think of bad things catching on fire. Pop the hood, sniff around, and can't...
  15. krugford

    So I'm thinking about building a 4x4.

    Doing anything other than stock axles is going to take more confidence in your fab skills than worrying about body mounts, especially for the Rockwells.
  16. krugford

    So I'm thinking about building a 4x4.

    I'd go with the Ranger. No bed just makes it easier to cage the rear! There's a slight difference between the rockwells and the 9 inchers. How big do you want to go? Have Rockwells, will travel.
  17. krugford

    New wheels and BFGs

    Just got back from getting new wheels and tires. And decided to play in the snow. Had to make sure the tires cleared.... :D
  18. krugford

    Lug nut length, Wheel questions

    Wheel offset and backspace questions I have a 2003 FX4 and I am currently ordering the Black Cragar Soft 8's for my truck. I believe the stock wheels are currently 16 x 7 with a +12mm offset right? If I go to an 8 inch wide rim and keep the +12 mm offset, it'll give me a 5 inch backspacing...
  19. krugford

    Anybody with a corn stove out there?

    Alright, I just bought a corn stove (actually it's multi-fuel) last weekend and got the exhaust and fresh air inlet all hooked up yesterday. I just fired it up and it works great. I'm running wood pellets right now but plan on switch to corn as soon as I can get it after the holidays. Now my...
  20. krugford

    Any engineers or engineering students here?

    To find the force in the link due to axle torque, you need to know the torque output and the distance between the links. This is assuming a worst case scenario of having the tire trapped, or unable to turn, so that all of the torque goes into trying to spin the housing. It also assumes full...

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