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  1. Time for a restore......again.

    Wow just wow. It would probably cost as much to restore the Rat as a new Ranger Hmmmn Thank you for posting smudvapor. Happy 4th everyone!!
  2. Best starting upgrades for off-roading 1994 Ranger XLT

    The cooler is a loop. You disconnect one line from the existng cooler. Connect the line to the 2nd cooler. Then use some line or hose to run to first cooler
  3. I couldn't sell my Ranger (Gord) could I?

    The truck of my dreams, A clean, long cab, pushrod 4.0 4x4 STOCK ! In a more perfect universe we could exhange Rangers and you could give the kid the Rat to break . I'M 2200miles down I 90E from you. Life is wasted on the young :cool:
  4. Buy 2000 B 4000 4x4 with a rotted axle tube?

    Ooops The Rat is my '94 ranger 125" wb 4.0 5spd 4x4 3.27 diffs . The truck is a total mess and has been off road for 3 yrs. I use it around the yard to move stuff. I really like the this yr and model ranger, I just want one in waaaay better condition. The Mazda B4000 looks to be closer...
  5. Buy 2000 B 4000 4x4 with a rotted axle tube?

    I never heard of such a thing but it is rotted bad just out board of the U- bolt. No clue as to rear end. Say the 3.27 in the Rat's 8.8 is the right gears would the entire rear end be a direct bolt in? TIA
  6. 94 4.0 dead fuel pump?

    No pump noise Proved the circuit end to end. Including 12V straight to terminal on tank. I have an external Bosch pump I can put between the tank and the filter along the frame rail. . Bed is pushed back enough to remove dead pump. The Rat is a yard truck now.
  7. the Lawn Mower thread.

    I love butternut squash, crooknecks, zucchini cukes pickled anything. Hot pepper plants discourage pests :D
  8. Help with symptoms

    Generic advice ,check ATF level, color and smell. I know if I had a Ford with an AT that was acting up at 200k , selling it would be a good option
  9. the Lawn Mower thread.

    I think you mean coil,not solenoid. Air gap is usually set with a business card. As long as the fly wheel clears the gap is OK. One hole is slotted so its range is limited. If the starter feels funny it may have sheared a key.
  10. No power after re-ring and top end

    My guess is that a few lifters need to pump up
  11. Little Ford Ranger working hard! Big trucks? Beauty Queens.

    my '72 Datsun pick up was rated as a 1/2 ton truck. Torsion bar front suspension, Leafs in back. If I could get it into the bed , it would move it. It overheated on my wife to the point it detonated through #4 piston. I fixed it with parts from a rusted out hulk with a good head. Harder...
  12. 502 bad gateway msg

    is there a mismatch on the interwebs ? :D Is there something I can check on my end? TIA
  13. Most Rangers sold in a Year?

    Looking for the peak year of sales. The height of their popularity. How many people liked trucklets ? (Right sized ) :D
  14. School me on Dipstick tube R+R 4.0 ohv

    The Rat's is a couple oil checks from rusting in 2. If it is a pan off job, I will bodge something. :D
  15. Greetings 2000 OR

    Check the lube levels on front diff, and Transfer Case. Happy New Year :D If the Rat's front pumpkin isn't dripping, its empty :D You're dealing with an 18 yr old Ford, anything can happen at any time, :dunno:
  16. Filler neck and pick up repairs

    The Rat is moving ahead. It started easily and I backed it out of the yurt. In preparation to put the bed back on. I replaced the filler neck. Where the filler neck attaches to the tank was split in several places. I gooped the splits with JB Weld gray silicone . If it works as...
  17. 12mm U Nuts for bed bolts.

    Is there a source for these? TIA :D Beside LMC
  18. LR upper shock mount

    Has torn loose from the frame. What is the best way to fix? Buy a new mount ? The piece on the shock is rusted into nothing. Shocks look shot too. Not looking at a road machine here.:D
  19. Bed R+R Qs

    What size Torx do I need to take the bed off ? TIA.
  20. Rassen Frassen E- brake

    I have replaced all the brake parts from the backing plates out even the rear E- brake cables. I did tighten up the adjustments on the shoes but the E- brake barley grabs and does nothing at all in reverse. Do I just tighten up the shoes some more or did I screw some thing up? TIA

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