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  1. Twitch57


    just sayin
  2. Twitch57

    Favorite guns to shoot?

    the mk 19 ...... pure sex but that i own, grandads old 30.30 winchester lever gun. so smooth and the gun itself looks like a piece of art
  3. Twitch57

    mail order build

    i love my truck but its currently a couple thousand miles away from me and i dont think it ll run when i get back. so i ve decided to start another one. i cant actually start wrenching but i can have it all planned out and get together all the parts. figured i would get y'alls opinion on it old...
  4. Twitch57

    dunno if anyone remembers me but im back

    i used to be somewhat active on here a few years ago, but its been a while since then. after i stopped being active i wheeled my truck alot and then joined the corps. now im stuck on okinawa and since i cant play with my truck i decided id save up and start planning to build another playtoy...
  5. Twitch57

    k&n customer service

    i did this a little while back, and among other things got mud in my k&n cone air filter that i had slapped right onto the throttle body i guess when a air filter gets so muddy that it cant get air it creates some sort of vacuum that crushes the cone air filter like a can. I called up k&n and...
  6. Twitch57

    seafoam help

    so lately the truck has been having problems with holding constant oil pressure. I ve decided ( mostly due to fear of other possibilities) that the problem is simply too much bad oil in the line and in the oil filter. my buddy said to just put seafoam in it, so i went and grabbed a bottle. now...
  7. Twitch57

    so cal wheeling

    anyone in so cal interested in wheeling in the lockwood/hungry valley area? or maybe a pismo run?
  8. Twitch57

    twitch57's ranger

    not bad for a 2 inch budget lift homemade bumper, simple but it works check out the flex haha
  9. Twitch57

    replacement body mounts

    I ve been looking for replacement body mounts for my 1989 extended cab ranger napa and kragen ( i was desperate) didnt have em and the only ones ive been able to find are from the ford stealership but they want 40 bucks each. anyone find decent body mounts elsewhere?
  10. Twitch57

    Pismo Beach August 8

    Anyone intrested in hanging out at pismo on Sunday August 8?
  11. Twitch57

    fun with throttle and cruise control

    so i must have parked to close to a toyota cause now the ranger dont want to stop im pretty sure its the throttle return spring as it is not pushing the cable back to the start position, seems like its a stupid easy part but doesnt look fun to replace, any hints? also the cruise control is...
  12. Twitch57

    where to get a tube bumper for a gen 2

    Ive been looking to get a solid tube bumper for my 89 ranger but i havent had any luck so far I dont have the skill or tools to fab one so im stuck buying one, other than finding one used ( which i would prefer but havent had any luck) where would you guys look? thanks
  13. Twitch57

    Tire placement

    So heres the deal i got 3, 30 inch bfg mud terrains with about 25% tread off of a buddy and I have just enough cash to buy 2 , 30 inch dunlop mud rovers from a budy for the distributor price the question is worn tires in back good tires in front , so that I have more traction for turning or...
  14. Twitch57

    mojave road

    ran the mojave road pretty mild but a blast unfortunately i lost a tire not to many pictures cause not to many stops but fun water crossing - Im an idiot http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JrIymX_3jM airing up to leave
  15. Twitch57

    twitch57's build ( bolt on ) thread

    So i am starting with my stock 89 Ranger, 2.9l v6 supercab. It is my daily driver so while I am building it so that I can run trails and have fun it sort of has to stay practical. so far I have bought skyjacker leveling coils, new shocks, and add a leafs new and found at garage sales or...
  16. Twitch57

    anyone duralined your interior?

    Im considering duralining the interior of my ranger. Anyone done it ? ( i searched and didnt find)
  17. Twitch57

    Robbery gone bad

    two kids in town tried to rob a subway and got the piss beat out of them by the employees, just like it should happen. http://www.venturacountystar.com/news/2009/mar/23/NxxRobbery23/ funny thing is I knew the robber who got beat, he was a nice guy before he became a tweaker.
  18. Twitch57


    anyone else have it? drives me nuts, its almost 2 and i leave for work at 0530 and ill be lucky to get to sleep by 4 i refuse to take pills and nothing else seems to work anyone have any tricks or anything that helps?
  19. Twitch57

    coil and leaf springs

    I was considering a body lift to get more height to clear tires and you guys suggested replacing the coil and leaf springs and that sounds like a much better idea. ive got about 300 to 400 to spend A few questions: I am looking for around 3 or 4 inches of height to clear larger tires, what...
  20. Twitch57

    school me on chains

    sounds kinda dumb but living in california i have to drive about a hour or so to get to snow, ive driven on a couple inches of snow and some ice and am sumwhat comfortable. However I have yet to drive in deep snow / narly conditions, and since I am planning on doing so soon I was wondering if...

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