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  1. ghunt81

    Pro Comp Series 69 15x10

    So, I was stupid when I ordered my wheels and I ordered polished American Racing Bajas. Since my truck is primarily for winter driving, they look like complete dog doo now and I'm thinking about just swapping them out for some actual clear coated wheels and selling them. So, the Pro Comp Series...
  2. ghunt81

    Lifted shocks that don't ride like a buckboard

    I did a torsion crank and small rear lift on my truck last year (replaced factory blocks with 3" blocks- so about a 1.5" lift in back). I got the longer Rancho RS5000 shocks that they say are for 0-3" of lift (RS5126, RS5374) because I figured Rancho is a good brand and they had a good rebate on...
  3. ghunt81

    2009 Ranger XL battery drain

    I have a 2009 Ranger XL that I've owned for about a year. I got it from an auction and it had a dead battery when I picked it up, which I just figured was from it sitting. I took it home and did a bunch of work to it over last summer, then drove it for the winter. After spring rolled around I...
  4. ghunt81

    4-HI didn't work but 4-LO did?

    I was playing in some mud a couple days ago initially in 2WD until I started to get hung up. I switched the truck to 4-HI and the "4WD" light on the dash came on, but it was still only spinning the rear wheels. I then switched it to 4-LO and it pulled me right out. I used 4-HI several times...
  5. ghunt81


    Stupid question but these have a dual tone horn, correct? I swear mine sounds like it's only making one of the tones and it does not sound very loud. Does that mean the horn is shot or should I check the wiring?
  6. ghunt81

    Grabby rear brakes

    Have any of you guys had an issue with the rear drums being grabby when it's wet outside, until they get warmed up? My truck is doing that, I had the same issue on my old '90 Mustang but I could never figure out a solution to it. Does anyone know what causes it and if there's a fix?
  7. ghunt81

    5R55E occasional hard 1-2 shift?

    I sure hope this isn't pointing at problems because I just put this transmission in the truck and it supposedly only had 45K on it... Anyway. The transmission has fresh fluid, new filter, and a Magnefine installed inline before the auxiliary cooler. I noticed I get kind of a hard 1-2 shift...
  8. ghunt81

    Weight adds up quick!

    They had free dump day today so I needed to haul in some stuff from recent projects at our house. I had replaced our fence, we already hauled in the fence sections but I still had 10 posts (4x4x6), and I busted out two old brick planters that were on the end of my garage (both about 2'x2'x1'...
  9. ghunt81

    Has anyone else tinkered with the fuel filler neck to fix the fuel fill issue?

    Whenever I tried to fill my truck, the gas would constantly back up into the neck and click off the pump, unless I actually held the nozzle completely out of the filler neck and trickled in gas. It would take 15 minutes just to get 10 gallons of gas in the thing. I asked about it and got a lot...
  10. ghunt81

    Good-riding shocks for lift

    I did about a 2" lift on my truck and got the Rancho shocks that say they are for lifted trucks. Some people said they were soft, some said they were really stiff. I can attest that they are pretty stiff and the ride is not the best. Does anyone make affordable shocks for a small lift that...
  11. ghunt81

    Center vents don't blow same amount of air

    Is this normal? I have 2 vents in the center, the right one blows noticeably more air than the left one. Seems odd, and I don't know what would affect that.
  12. ghunt81

    Fuel vent line fittings on top of tank?

    Wasn't really sure where to post this. On the top of the gas tank there is the plate with the lock ring where the fuel pump mounts and etc. The vent line that goes up to the filler neck has some sort of a plastic fitting that comes off this plate at a 90, then has the rubber hose attached to it...
  13. ghunt81

    My dual muffler, dual exhaust system

    I wanted to show you guys the exhaust system I pieced together in my garage. I didn't set out to build it this way, but I couldn't get a sound I liked with the Flowmaster knockoff I was originally using and I was trying to get the truck done inside of 4 days. So, here's the story: Originally...
  14. ghunt81

    Fellow northerners...how much weight do you run in the bed during winter?

    I know these trucks are light in the ass end. Just wondering how much weight you other guys that have to deal with snow run in back. I picked up 3-50 bags of play sand today, but wondering if I should pick up one more?
  15. ghunt81

    Should I cover aux cooler on cold days?

    I have about a 10 mile trip to work, one way. It was 26 degrees this morning. I let my truck warm up for 10 minutes or so before I left for work (enough to defrost the windshield), then drove in. I have the temp probe for my trans temp gauge in the spare port on the side of my 5R55E (behind...
  16. ghunt81

    Bad battery?

    I bought a new battery for my truck back in September or so (the truck sat for months so the old one was dead and no idea how old it was). I drove the truck for a week then parked it in my garage because I wanted to drive my Mustang while the weather was still nice. So, it sat in the garage...
  17. ghunt81

    Why does the 4.0 OHV sound so different from the 4.0 OHC?

    After looking through exhaust videos on youtube I realized all the best sounding 4.0 Rangers I found on there were of the OHV variety. Both engines have the same displacement and same firing order, so why do they sound so dissimilar? The OHV has more of a V8-ish choppy sound where the SOHC has...
  18. ghunt81

    Sticky e-brake indicator fixes?

    I would post this in the electrical forum but apparently nobody goes there because the three most recent posts from the last couple weeks have no replies. Anywho... My driveway has a slight incline, and whether I park the truck facing uphill or downhill, if the parking brake is set and I...
  19. ghunt81

    Number of factory cats?

    I'm curious...I know for awhile in the mid-late 90's/early 2000's Ford was putting a bazillion cats under vehicles (I recall at least one year of the V8 Mustang's having 6 cats under them), but newer vehicles generally only have 2 cats (if they have a V engine...my Mustang only had 2 factory...
  20. ghunt81

    Anyone used Duff's traction bars on 98+ Ranger?

    Saw them on Duff's website, I like the price at $100...might try them out in the future, just wondering if anyone else has used them? Edit: These are the ones that bolt to the top u bolt plate.

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