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  1. 55trucker

    Why did a new Gas Tank Fill hose go bad?

    Why on earth would you purchase this from Amazon? Go to your local parts store & purchase a piece of either Gates, Continental or Goodyear gasoline approved single braided nitrile delivery hose. https://www.gates.com/us/en/fluid-power/engine-hose/fuel-fill-hose.p.4271-000000-000001.html
  2. 55trucker

    No oil pressure

    It's a fair bet to assume that at the machine shop that built the engine they would use a mechanical pressure gauge & not an electrical gauge to monitor the pressure, try doing the same.
  3. 55trucker

    led headlight bulb on 94 ranger

    Yes they do.......I see that your truck is an 04? check the plastic bulb retainers for their condition, as they age the molded *fingers* that hold the bulb in place become brittle & will snap off.
  4. 55trucker

    What does Ford think the Maverick is for?

    What does Ford think the Maverick is for? pretty sure it's not for piloting either F14's or F18's......:icon_rofl:✈
  5. 55trucker

    damaged headliner repair or replace?

    Purchase replacement headliner material, strip off all of the original material, prep the backboard & refinsh the headliner. There are various online locations to order material from, Graham Fabrics is one.
  6. 55trucker

    Car ramps

    I have a set of those same composite ramps. They work well, unlike the metal ramps they tend to remain stationary when one begins to drive a vehicle up onto them. The steel set I also have are useless on a concrete surface as they will not stay in place when a load is driven up onto them, they...
  7. 55trucker

    led headlight bulb on 94 ranger

    Well, I have led headlamps installed....I can say truthfully that they do provide more illumination on the road directly in front of the truck. The light they cast down the road lights up signs significantly better than the lowly 9007 halogens, they are 6000k, but they are too white for my...
  8. 55trucker

    2.2 perkins

    I would suggest going straight to either Mahle (clevite) or King Bearings.
  9. 55trucker

    led headlight bulb on 94 ranger

    Not advised, hid's in a regualr headlamp will thro the light everywhere, there's no casper shield around the filament to direct the light. The lumens output is so bright they will blind oncoming traffic.
  10. 55trucker

    Front Rotors, 1998 Ranger 2.5 XLT STD cab 2WD

    As stated, those are *hat* style rotors, not hub rotors. for what it's worth you'd be better off getting the proper ones across-the-counter to avoid mess ups & not from ebay at all
  11. 55trucker

    Best affordable head units?

    How much do you want to spend on an audio upgrade? Did you have a ceiling in mind?
  12. 55trucker

    Transmission Swap on 1999 B3000 2WD

    I can't speak to the Tasca parts identification, when I had the trans out 4 yrs ago to replace the converter which suffered a lockup failure due to the shaft bearing the disc rides on I had to replace that same input shaft seal. It's a common part to the 4r44e, 5r44e, I just picked one up at the...
  13. 55trucker

    Transmission Swap on 1999 B3000 2WD

    No, that O ring is not the proper converter shaft seal, the replacement is a teflon O ring, the ring is *square*, it is a complete circle, it has to be lubed, then carefully pushed onto the converter input shaft into the recess. That ring seals the oil into the converter internals & prevents...
  14. 55trucker

    2.3L ('83-'97) Oil Capacity

    Are you making use of the small or large oil filter? If memory serves one can fit both the *Fram* or equivalent XG3600 (small) or the *Fram* or equivalent XG8A (large) filter.
  15. 55trucker

    2.3L ('83-'97) Oil Capacity

    Whatever volume of oil you have to purchase to keep the fluid level near the upper limit of the dipstick hash mark. I don't personally like Walmart's Supertech, it is manufactured by Warren Oil..........not my 1st choice......
  16. 55trucker

    2002 3.0 Automatic Transmission Question

    I take it that your truck does not have the optional mounted trans cooler? Hard to miss, in front of the A/C condenser, mounted on the passenger side of the rad header.
  17. 55trucker

    2002 3.0 Automatic Transmission Question

    One would not need a very large stand alone trans cooler, something like the Tru-cool L7B low pressure drop would do fine. It's GVW is far more than you'll ever need, it's compact, easy to install.
  18. 55trucker

    What’s going on with the advertisements?

    Make use of both an ad blocker & a script blocker in your browser, all of that junk will disappear.
  19. 55trucker

    AC Evaporator leaking from coolant flush?...

    True...if one does not have the stat installed the engine temp will remain quite low for the reasons given you. While you were operating the vehicle with the A/C engaged.....what position was the selector in? max A/C by any chance? If so the vacuum operated water control shutoff valve on top...
  20. 55trucker

    What do you pay for electric?

    lots of candles..........:icon_rofl: & a whole bunch of led light bulbs here in Ontario we make use of *smart meters*......... Residential - Summer (May 1, 2022 – Oct. 31, 2022) Up to 600 kWh/month: 9.8¢/kWh Over 600 kWh/month...

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