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  1. shawn.m

    Rubicon Run -Loon lake to Little Sluice out Wentworth

    First time on the 'Con lots of fun needs lower gears start of trip flex shot pulling a jeep off a rock that he high centered on granite bowl the crack to the right Up the hill if your moving dont stop till the top trail spotting will post videos tomorrow
  2. shawn.m

    Anybody going to Sacramento 4wheelParts store March 12th?

    Fun way to meet other ford off road guys. It is not a big store but it would be a fun time. Thinking of driving down with the bronco They are doing a big sale and celebration. Food, RTI ramp, other clubs, car show http://www.4wheelparts.com/madmarch/ would be kinda fun to go as a group...
  3. shawn.m

    Shorten my front bumper or not

    Need some input - trying to decide if I should shorten my front bumper to only the sides of the frame rails. Basically to where the new lower plate is on my bumper. I really wont know completely how it will look until I get the bumper remounted with the winch and roller fair head. Need some input
  4. shawn.m

    Tuff Stuff Tire Deflators

    I also bought some Tuff Stuff Tire Deflators. http://www.amazon.com/Tuff-Stuff-Tire-Deflator/dp/B0049WPUX2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=automotive&qid=1295803051&sr=1-1 They were hard to adjust as the reviews said. What was not said was how slow they are! Takes almost 10 minutes to go down to my...
  5. shawn.m

    12v Air Compressor MV-50

    bought a MV-50 12 v compressor this last week with some Amazon credits that I had. really good reviews on line for this compressor. It has really good reviews on the jeep websites. http://www.amazon.com/Industries-MV50-SuperFlow-Hi-Compressor/dp/B000BM8RT8 it lived up to expectations by airing...
  6. shawn.m

    rear drive shaft question. cv to non cv

    picked up a extended flex rear drive shaft. It is not a Carden type. My current drive shaft is a carden custom job. It is starting to spread at the rear axle so it needs work. any thoughts on running the NON -Carden Drive shaft? I know that I will have to change the angle of the rear axle from...
  7. shawn.m

    Lill Mule 89 BII

    Decided to just start a thread to track my progress Traded a Polaris quad for this bronco. It was smash9002 bronco his build -http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8368 list of things done to it. updated 10/25/2010 body 1989 cut off hatch custom square tube bumpers 4"...
  8. shawn.m

    98 b3000 5 speed tranny into 89 b2

    found a M50D with a transfer case attached to it in the local junkyard. it came out of a 98 b3000. Which I believe should fit. I did see a note in reading that the 3.0 version of the M500d has a different starter than the 4.0? can anyone confirm this for me? I have a 1993 ranger 4.0 in my b2...
  9. shawn.m

    how desirable is early 4 speed with manual transfer case?

    found a 4 speed tranny with manual transfer case in a 86 bronco II in local junkyard. Guy told me it was his and swapped in 4 speed as was sick of 5 speed breaking. would this be better than my mitsi 5 speed electronic transfer case that I have now? my goal is to go crawling on rubicon this...
  10. shawn.m

    front sway bars- what other ones fit?

    well the bronco does not have a sway bar on it right now and really needs one. what options from ford do I have? what explorer and ranger ones will fit? right now I do not even have the brackets so I have to go to the junkyard and pick all of it.
  11. shawn.m

    need help getting the bronco running

    well i brought smash9002's bronco home. Guy sold it cheap to me as it is not running very well. he replaced MAS sensor, crank sensor, TPS, EGR purge solenoid, Intake Air Temp, cleaned IAT - I took IAT off and verified it was cleaned and worked correctly now it runs fine when cold when it is...

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