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  1. jesselee20040

    Bolts for 1" Body Lift

    Hello, I have a 87 Bronco II that has been lifted using the stx (high lifter brackets) and a few washers under a set of 2" skyjacker coil springs. It also currently has 31x10.5 tires and I would like just a bit of more clearance. I have been looking at putting a 1" body lift just to give me the...
  2. jesselee20040

    Pop up camper/expo trailer or bed topper

    Here is a more recent one... We have stayed up to a week in it. That was me, the wife and the three little kids. This one has a fridge, heater/ac, sink, cook top and an outside awning. It has two queen beds in the ends and the table makes into a bed. It depends on location for price when we were...
  3. jesselee20040

    Pop up camper/expo trailer or bed topper

    Here is my setup, except the pop up is lifted now 4" and sits level .. This setup has been down many mountain forest service roads, but you will need to do some mods to it so it will stay together. [/URL][/IMG]
  4. jesselee20040

    Kirbys 1991 Ranger Build Up and Solid Axle Swap

    Can we get a straight on picture? I would like to see how much the tires stick out.
  5. jesselee20040

    Oil level sensor

    Hello, Does anyone know the size and thread pitch of the oil level sensor in my 87 2.9. It is leaking bad and the wiring is missing so i just want to plug it off. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. jesselee20040

    87 Bronco II rear seat latch?

    Hello, Are the rear seats on my 87 Bronco II supposed to latch. I ask because mine does not yet there is this little lever on the side of the rear seats that does not appear to do anything. I also have an s10 blazer of the same era and its rear seat latches in the upright position but it also...
  7. jesselee20040

    dana 35 ttb skid plate

    So I was searching ebay and ran across an individual that is making skid plates for the dana 35 ttb. Does this look to be a decent one? I was thinking that the front tube that protrudes out would likely get hung up on stuff.
  8. jesselee20040

    help... distance between bellhousing and shifter??

    I am considering a drivetrain swap for my bronco II. I have a vortec 5.3 and nv3500 with a np 231c with a standalone harness. Can someone with a fm145/6 or a m50d-r1 out of a vehicle measure the distance between the bellhousing and the shifter? I know on the rangers the distance are all slightly...
  9. jesselee20040

    Anyone in Lubbock, TX

    Hello, I was curious to see if any members live in Lubbock, TX? I called wrench-a-part the other day and i guess they don't inventory car parts they just tell you the make and model and nothing more. I am looking for a dana 35 but didn't want to drive a few hours each way to find out of they...
  10. jesselee20040

    low lift sas dana 44?

    Well with me wanting to not lift it much and only go to about a 33 inch tire would a HP Dana 30 be a better match? I found a 96 xj front axle that I can pick up for cheap.
  11. jesselee20040

    low lift sas dana 44?

    It was narrowed 6 inch all taken off on the passenger side. So would stock height eb coils give me around 4 inches of lift over stock?
  12. jesselee20040

    low lift sas dana 44?

    I will begin gathering some parts for my sas on my bronco II after the new year. I already have a 78 bronco dana 44 that has been narrowed that i will be using my questions are about the springs and the spring/shock mounts. I really dont want to lift it more than about 4 " with the sas so should...
  13. jesselee20040

    Finally! Post pics of your Diesel Ranger

    Looks super clean, I have a ranger with the 4d55 and a dodge d50 with a 4d55. Both of which the bodies are not good so I have been contemplating pulling the one out of the ranger and putting it in my bronco II and then pulling the d50 motor to keep as a spare..
  14. jesselee20040

    TTB Dana 35 with factory 4.10 gears, help...

    In the tech articles it says that the ttb dana 35 came from the factory with three different gear ratios including 4.10. I have not been able to find a 35 with these gears, I have found both 28's and the hybrids; so what did these possibly come in? Also does the hybrid use everything the same as...
  15. jesselee20040

    Skyjacker 132 or 132X for Bronco II

    Here is an 87 Bronco II I bought a few months ago. I have a few questions with regards to lifting it. I plan to lift it 2" with coils and shackles and put 31x10.50's on it. I have been looking at the skyjacker 132/132X coils and rusty's offroad xj 1.5 shackles for the rear (6.5" long vs the...
  16. jesselee20040

    89 ranger sas dana 30

    Its false, a Dana 35 TTB will bolt in the place of your Dana 28. Which the 35 is significantly stronger than your 28 but not a SAS. There are a lot of good threads on here about the Dana 30 SAS swap, TNT is one of my favorites; go check it out.
  17. jesselee20040

    Anyone regret doing a Dana 30???

    Well I have made up my mind, the 44's are going in. I believe the 30/8.8 would be cheaper on the initial install but while comparing prices of replacement parts for the Dana 44 and Dana 30 the 44 came out as the clear winner.. The build will begin soon as I finish the 74 f100 4x4 restoration...
  18. jesselee20040

    Anyone regret doing a Dana 30???

    Hello, I have an 86 ranger that is a regular cab short bed with the the 2.3 turbo diesel that is currently 2wd and will be converting to a 4wd (I already bought a 4wd trans and a 1350 and 1354m case for a doubler) using one of the following setups. I have a narrowed Dana 44 from a 79 bronco...
  19. jesselee20040

    looking for opinions about lockers and what not

    Have any of you guys ran an Aussie locker front and back? What was your setup? I plan to run a Dana 44 front and rear.

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