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  1. cauhcons

    High idle problem goes away when truck is in uphill position -18F; -28C°

    Hi, So last week it was freaking cold outside -18F; -28C° and the truck spill like 1 or 2 drop of coolant in my driveway, not really a big deal... but since this incident arrived the truck is idelling high like 2000rpm even when engine is warm, and at any speed, when i press the clutch while...
  2. cauhcons

    Swap Ranger 2011 4.0L engine into B4000 99

    Hi, correct this if its wrong, I read that you can swap an 03 engine in a 98 with no big modification needed :you need to use your old upper intake, wiring harness, cam sensor, old fuel rail (including your old injectors), old exhaust manifolds, old EGR valve, bracket, and pipes ECU '97-'03...
  3. cauhcons

    Right drum backing plate just fell apart :(

    Ok so this morning its freaking cold over here and my drum where completely frozen... i couldnt move in 2wd so i put 4 low and this time the truck move with no problem... I thought that the ice simply brake and let the wheel spin.... but no!!! The drum backing plate spin where the axle housing...
  4. cauhcons

    Bronco II 87 Stupid little washer fluid tank!!! Does a swap exist?

    Hello a friend of mine told me today he was tired do change his washer fluid every week (Winter here) and he show me the size of the tank that is just ridicules... :icon_rofl: the fender his very close from the tank there is no space down... do you know if he can swap that from an other truck...
  5. cauhcons

    Smoke coming from hazard button !!!!!!!

    Hello, i have a B4000 99 and some time when i put key on power position, in the cluster the left arrow stay on and a little smoke is coming out from the steering column throw the hazard button, once the smoke stop the left arrow turn off.... May be a dust problem that short some contact and...
  6. cauhcons

    Front crossmember bent Hit a stone...... B4000 99

    Hello, I have a B4000 1999 and Yesterday i hit when offroading a stone right on the front crossmember... The truck feel perfect, the alignment "seem" to be good and i got no vibration at all. I am wondering if i should get the alignment check, or see a frame shop if the can fix it, or i need...

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