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  1. Dangeranger3

    The gun thread...

    I have a m70 in the works. I'll post pics when done.
  2. Dangeranger3

    Awesome band

    The Fox Hunt is a band I got turned on to recently and just had to pass it on. If you like raw, real life, rough bluegrass lyrics, then check them out. I downloaded their albumn, Nowhere Bound and fing love it. :Edit: Dang I forgot TRS edits now. Well its probably for the better.
  3. Dangeranger3


    This is in entertainment because I strictly read P4x4 for entertainment purposes only as I no longer drive anything. My red star ran out and now my posting, pming, and searching abilities are that of someone who is not even registered, even when signed in. I haven't joined the band and have...
  4. Dangeranger3


    I am very sad and sorry that MichealAKGross cannot or does not frequent the forms anymore. And Kudos to everyone driving a ranger. Rock on!!!!!!! I love them rangers!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Dangeranger3

    ok, i need to be educated

    trsfabandoffroad.com is where I got mine
  6. Dangeranger3

    Smokey and the Bandit

    On WGN right now:icon_hornsup::icon_hornsup:
  7. Dangeranger3

    Cell phone won't charge

    I've got a lg vx8350. It doesn't like to charge. Its only a couple of months old. If I plug it in it will sometimes charge, or it will start to charge but stop after I'm at 2 bars or so. I've thought about dielectric grease but I don't have any at the house. Anyone heard of this problem or...
  8. Dangeranger3

    Mustang 8.8?

    I *think* the diff is completely centered, which might cause issues. Possibly 4 lug instead of five. But then again I could be making things up again.
  9. Dangeranger3


    Hey John, I could use a hand with something if you have time to stop by my house today. Whenever is fine.
  10. Dangeranger3

    worn out grinder

    is there a way to replace the brushes on this? They were just kind of stuck on the spinning thing (I'm good with words, I know) Its a grinder and it would bog down with even the smallest load. After taking it apart, there was only one brush. So the question is are these replacable?
  11. Dangeranger3

    Teaching stick

    I know I'm not the best teacher, but a word to the wise. Don't try to teach your little brother (who has never driven stick) on a worn out clutch, with 33's, 3.45's, and locker.:buttkick:
  12. Dangeranger3

    99 exlporer abs

    This 99 explorer has the abs light on. I've been told its the sensor in the rear diff. I've also heard that cleaning may fix this. On to the questions: Do you agree that its this sensor in the rear dif? What can I clean it with? Thank you for your time.
  13. Dangeranger3

    lets help out Chicago

    from another board, its fast and easy so just do it. :Ben stiller voice: do it, do it :Ben stiller voice:
  14. Dangeranger3

    wiring diagram

    I have realized the error of my ways.
  15. Dangeranger3


    Does the 7.5 from a BII swap with an '89 ranger with no problems (width)? Is it just post '92 rangers that got wider axles?
  16. Dangeranger3

    My driveway playing

    Holeshots thread *inspired* me to go pose a few shots. However I am terrible with a camera. But heres a few. I am definitley having fun with my new... lockrite I don't know why it looks so weak. The snow is about 3.5 feet tall at the bottom of the tire. I just really suck with the...
  17. Dangeranger3


    Can't get it em out. Have only tried pass. side but I'm so damn frustrated after a couple hours. Any tips on this? Crosspin and gears are removed, I've pushed the axle in tons of times. The clip won't fall out and I can't push/pull it out. Someone help before I burn this heap to the ground.
  18. Dangeranger3

    Pitman arm

    Are the pitman arms the same, or at least interchangable, between 2wd and 4wd?
  19. Dangeranger3

    Peoria, IL machine shop

    Can anyone here recommend a machine shop around Peoria to have some heads magnafluxed and cleaned? And what process could be done to clean the heads. What does it mean to have a head shot peened and also "bead ports and chambers"? Thanks alot.

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