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  1. funguy26

    Uh oh ,watch those tuning "improvements"

    don't just count what's coming out of the Tailpipe, the effort it takes to build a vehicle. and are you guys working getting this to work without additional fuel, kind odd we need to burn fuel to save the earth the fuel is not being used to move the vehicle just to heat up a honey cone from my...
  2. funguy26

    Uh oh ,watch those tuning "improvements"

    @stmitch no one is counting the countless DEF boxes and bottles sitting next to the trash can.
  3. funguy26

    Uh oh ,watch those tuning "improvements"

    I'm all for Deleted trucks where i live everyone is going with gas trucks, because of the issue the emissions is too much for them. $8,000 for the damn filter and you have to buy whole thing exhaust system compete waste of money. out here breaking down can mean someone is dead. there;s some...
  4. funguy26

    Fuel shutoff?

    the 2003 4.0L rangers have no EGR everything was removed and block off on them at the factory. PCMs are program without the system.
  5. funguy26

    Connection at Y-pipe and cat on '93 3.0 4x4

    50206 Walker Exhaust
  6. funguy26

    Fuel shutoff?

    damn the next things are high compression pistons, cams, and a chip ECU.
  7. funguy26

    OHV headers on SOHC

    the power difference is within the "noise" HP is 1.92 TQ is 1.17 that air could have just change how the engine give power, the dyno is shelf could be the one that change the number.
  8. funguy26

    Rebuilding '98 Ford Ranger 4.0

    let the machine do it the fit is still too tight and they have the tools to pull it off without damage to parts.
  9. funguy26

    Fuel shutoff?

    there's the electric cooling fan mod https://www.therangerstation.com/tech/volvo-electric-cooling-fan/ if you don't need to pass smog you can gut the cats.
  10. funguy26

    Fuel shutoff?

    something is wrong a minute to get up to 100, my 4.0l takes about 16 17 seconds to hit the limiter.
  11. funguy26

    Are all 4.0L OHV Y-Pipes the same?

    Sarah -n- Tuned for a header set for her 4.0l OHV heads to cats.
  12. funguy26

    If you have a 2008 Ranger with a 4.0.... SEND HELP

    have you try going to the junkyards and lifting one off another 08 ford ranger.
  13. funguy26

    SOHC problem

    could be timing chain issues you can remove the driver side valve cover, or drop your oil pan. my set was done for everything was broken.
  14. funguy26

    finsh Cyberpunk 2077

    I got the sad ending? V stays in cyber space joining Atl in the unknown and Johnny gets V's body then leaves Night city. there's four other endings in the game.
  15. funguy26

    Transmission case part identification

    they come in different sizes too. there's a two litter code on them like AA, AB, or ZA there's more codes. you can read them while the covers are in the transmission may have to remove the cat.
  16. funguy26

    Keyboard recommendation

    I have a HyperX keyboard was like $50 for it. has RGB and can be turn off if you don't like it.
  17. funguy26

    Transmission case part identification

    the band servos the front one in the overdrive the rear one is the interment. there's a tool to get them out not needed to replace them but helps a lot.
  18. funguy26

    Timing chain issues after the fix?

    1998 C230
  19. funguy26

    Timing chain issues after the fix?

    I love my Mercedes easy to work on.

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