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  1. SOAD4.0

    Catback exhaust recommendations?

    Yeah the kit I ordered exits from behind the rear tire like the stock setup. It should be a much more livable setup for the daily commute. Besides, I have my Mustang for when I want fast and loud haha
  2. SOAD4.0

    Catback exhaust recommendations?

    Good call. Never cared for the glasspaks sound. Ended up going with the Dynomax kit. Only one that seemed to meet my needs for a reasonable price. It has a long muffler so hopefully it sounds alright.
  3. SOAD4.0

    Catback exhaust recommendations?

    One of the changes to the new truck I plan on making pretty soon is a new exhaust setup. Current setup is a straight pipe from the cat that exits under the cab. It's livable, but I'd like to mellow it out a bit. Had a Flowmaster 44 on my 94' 4.0 and loved the sound. Any kits you guys would...
  4. SOAD4.0

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    went to the junkyard and got new ford badge for the tailgate and new dome light. Can't get the dome light to work yet though. Oh and I discovered the rattling sound in my door was broken glass that had never been cleaned up, so I took care of that!
  5. SOAD4.0

    Are these FX4 decals original?

    I went through the FX4 article and of course 2004 is the year that has the least amount of info. But according to the article: "In addition to the standard features on every Ranger, listed below are a few key features included on the FX4 Off-Road in addition to or in place of those on the...
  6. SOAD4.0

    Are these FX4 decals original?

    Thanks for the replies everyone!
  7. SOAD4.0

    Are these FX4 decals original?

    Yeah okay they definitely look different from all of those. Thanks for the link!
  8. SOAD4.0

    Junkyard hunting for a couple little things tomorrow

    Just bought an 04 and I'm heading to the junkyard tomorrow to see if I can scavenge a couple minor missing pieces instead of paying too much on eBay... Any vehicles besides Rangers that might have what I'm looking for? Dome Light Ford Tailgate badge
  9. SOAD4.0

    Are these FX4 decals original?

    Just picked this truck up last week and in the process of doing some touch-ups. The FX4 decals on the side were faded and peeling, so I was planning on replacing them. I also noticed they are slightly crooked which led me to believe they aren't original. A Google image search didn't really give...
  10. SOAD4.0

    Back in a Ranger after 5 years!

    Welp, I found my way back into a Ranger after 5 years! I ended up trading my 94 Ranger for an 02 F-150 from my dad. It was fine but it ended up blowing a head gasket so I decided to go back to my roots. Picked up my new Ranger last week! 2004 XLT, 4.0 V6 5-Speed manual 4x4 and only 96,000...
  11. SOAD4.0

    Steering pulling hard right after body lift?

    So I put a 3in body lift kit on my 94 almost 2 years ago and have been dealing with this problem ever since. To be clear, i am NOT talking about the normal stiff steering encountered after a lift. I mean If I let go of the wheel it will pull pretty hard to the right ( I will be on the curb...
  12. SOAD4.0

    power steering leak repair fluid

    so I've read several threads on PSF vs. ATF and people seem to think mixing the 2 isnt a good idea. i have a slow leak somewhere and figured id spend the extra couple bucks and try the "leak repair" type fluid before i start putting in ACTUAL effort :D. My question is: would i buy the Power...
  13. SOAD4.0

    Anyone encountered steering binding after body lift?

    Just installed a 3in body lift kit from PA and the steering is feeling a bit clunky now. I used the steering extender included in the kit (pic). Fully extended The bolt holes are about 3 millimeters off without it. The kit instructions offered procedures in case binding occurs (pic). They seem...
  14. SOAD4.0

    Body lift part identification

    About to install my 3 in body lift but I'm trying figure out what these 2 pieces are for. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Tapatalk
  15. SOAD4.0

    Advise for installing a body lift

    So I have a couple days off and I thought I'd finally get around to installing my 3 in body lift kit on my truck (I've had the kit a couple years now). So I started following the instructions and it seems like every single thing it asked me to do in the prep stage ending up being much more of a...
  16. SOAD4.0

    parking brake jammed?

    So i have the parking brake and ABS lights on my dash right now. i think the parking brake may be jammed. it got pushed a bit harder than intended and i heard a crack. when i back out of the driveway there is a slight resistance and brake squeal. the parking break petal will engage and disengage...
  17. SOAD4.0

    A4LD first gear slipping when cold

    (94 4.0 v6 2wd auto) So my ranger started having transmission problems about a year ago. It would slip out of first gear if I made a sharp turn or stopped quickly. The problem grew worse until it was slipping on every stop and corner on my way to work. I decided to change the fluid and...
  18. SOAD4.0

    recommended body lift kits?

    hey guys, I'm planning on buying a 3 in body lift kit to fit 33in BFGs. I plan on installing it myself. are there some kits preferable to others? or are they all pretty much the same thing. any advice would be appreciated.
  19. SOAD4.0

    max tire size for 7 in width rims?

    Finally got some money together to get some mud terrains for my truck. Really want a set of those nice BF Goodrich 33s but I'm not sure if they make a size that'll fit my wheels (link below). I heard that diameter doesn't have to be exact, I just don't know how far it can be pushed...

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