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  1. How many cats?

    > Do vehicles exist with true dual exhaust and 6 cats? Never seen six, but, a 2005 Land Rover has (2) cats and (2) O2 sensors each bank. Just doubled check to be sure.
  2. dumb question: evap canister hoses

    My purge valves were directional on my 1985 v-8 351W. I had never seen a four port canister, that I could remember, and I owned a 1997 Ranger 4.0L, so, for anyone curious: https://www.amazon.com/Dorman-911-198-Evaporative-Emissions-Charcoal/dp/B07KFZKCZK Now, on my V-8 (from Colorado) , it...
  3. Second fuel tank besides Bronco II?

    > It might sound kinda crazy but older trucks had a gas tank behind the seat? They changed the FMVSS title 49 for that obvious safety reason and made it mandatory to not have it in an un-walled passenger compartment, same with batteries, and got rid of gas tanks under the entry door on buses...
  4. Why did a new Gas Tank Fill hose go bad?

    > Purchased fill hose from amazon and installed it. That is the reason why the hose is busted. Some things I buy from Amazon, some things I do not. Anything rubber related, high dollar, or where quality matters, I many times buy from the source or a reputable local dealer. Filler hose I...
  5. Chat GPT (AI)

    > Can't wait to see "what's next" transhumanism - We will see it well before 2048. That is what Elon Musk's fake Star Man send off was about.
  6. What have they done to the forest?

    > Richat Structure Thanks, I never heard of it.
  7. Rock Auto seat upholstery

    Props for such nice looking interiors.
  8. Sailboat Engines- Seems like a Lima would be good.

    > Why do (moderni) sailboats always have diesels? I do not know about always,. As others have pointed out, it is mostly the explosion issue. Diesel can be found the world over in ports, quality gasoline, not so much. Sailboats need more torque then HP, so, there is that. Diesels get far...
  9. Free program for securely erasing HDD's

    > over the drive to wipe any info to the point of no recovery It can be done for normal user data, BUT, know data is stored on your HD that is not accessible by normal means or by a Windoze based OS. They only way to destroy it is to take a big Ford wrench to it. Which I have done before...
  10. Is the 2.9 SEFI, MFI or just regular EFI? OBDi Cylinder Balance test

    If you unplug the injector (no easy task) it does not inject gas and wash the cyl.
  11. What have they done to the forest?

    > I was looking at Google Earth and wow things have changed. I was looking at google earth for something and found this: 19°09'00.0"N 29°10'48.0"E The whole area looks like an atomic bomb or something went off and wiped the area clean for miles.
  12. Terrible wet weather traction: tires or truck?

    I never had wet pavement problems with the Firestone ATX tires (yea, the recalled ones) on my 1997 Ranger 4x4 reg cab and the few other rangers I have owned, I had no troubles. Granted, almost all of them have been manual transmissions. I have been using first the green diamond and then Kwedge...
  13. I wish this site had an app

    > but I don't know the first thing about app programing. I do not think Jim Oaks makes enough from this site to pay someone $75 per hour to develop AND then maintain an app. imho, If he breaks even and manages to make $8 per hour he is doing well. A website like this is more an act of love...
  14. Shock absorber recommendation

    > and firewood work Nothing beats true air bags and I have added them before to firewood trucks. That being said I have Monroe shocks up front and Monroe air shocks in the back of my 1985 B2. But, it is a piece of rolling rust and hardly an elegant ride, but, it seems okay handling. > near...
  15. 85 Bronco II in Alabama

    Unless you sold it to a forum member, that would be more difficult then finding a needle in a haystack because at least with a haystack, a metal detector as an option. Maybe a posting on Craigslist in whatever area it was sold?
  16. Parking Brake Mechanism : COMPLETE INSANITY

    Well, almost all the brake assemblies are basically the same for the ones on the left side on the earlier Fords. I think I am using a 1978 E-100 pedal in my current B2. If I had a choice, I would probably go with an Aerostar between the seats set up that has a self-adjuster that actually works...
  17. Check this tire

    > And the whole reason I got the XLT was for 4x4, so why not gravitate more that direction. I have been buying retread tries from these people for years, since the green diamond days, and the w kedge grip is awesome...
  18. Front reciever hitch

    I make my own bumpers, BUT, to do what you are doing I would get an adjustable front or rear receiver from e-trailer that fits a 34" wide frame (older F series and E vans). Like this hitch I bought for $10 at an auction, looks like it will fit my 1989 F-150. One tube slides within another and...
  19. Lawn mower fuel pressure?

    > Ive tried 3 now and i cant get more then a trickle of fuel from it. That would tell me it is YOU and not them ;) PSI is very low, it is basically gravity fed at that point. Unless the engine is running 1800-3600 RPMs all you will get is a trickle because that is all that is needed to fill...
  20. Replace the steering column?

    There is a bearing at the bottom the steering shaft and if it comes off the splines your steering will be wobbly even though the bearing is fine. I think I posted the pictures here, what I did on mine was push the bearing back on to where it was suppose to be, used a hole saw on a cool whip...

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