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  1. will.moyer

    b2 build finally

    So I can finally start my build and I'm starting off with my carpet I'm ripping it up this weekend after my games and will sand the rust out and what not... plans are 4in lift with 33in Kevlar, rebuild and gear my Dana 44, change my hubs to manual locking hubs, than work on the roll cage while...
  2. will.moyer

    ripped oit carpet

    Has anybody ripped out their carpet and bed limed their floor and added plus? If so id like some guidance thanks
  3. will.moyer

    Need help buidling!

    So Ive recently ran out of money for my build and Ive used this before on my dune bugggy but I have made a shirt I feel like all of the y'all would like every order you make would go towards my build and I will post pics every time I add something new greatly appreciated for any help the link to...
  4. will.moyer


    Soo the other day I was changing a tires and a piece of my auto hub came off now when I engage 4wd it sounds like it grinds at 5-10mphs than pops is my 4wd screwed up and I put it back on in the right spot is it just the electronics or cause is it the auto hubs I plan on doin a manual hub...
  5. will.moyer

    chop top project

    ok ive seen it but i dont know how to do it and ive looked though the search but found nothing, i want to chop my b2 top ether all the way or up to the front seats. i know you can put a jeep roll cage or bars in but i was wondering about the top how can i fabricate it to put a jeep soft or...
  6. will.moyer

    not starting, no power

    ok last night my b2 died and i had to have it towed home i had this problem before when my fog lights wernt wired right but now its did it again, i went to start it grind-ed so i thought starter.. than after about 2 tries it made a click and than nothing coming from solenoid than i go out this...
  7. will.moyer

    dash, dome lights

    i wanna change out my dash and dome lights i dont remember what number they told me they where because i want to make my dash lights led blue and my dome a brighter led anybody help?
  8. will.moyer

    b2 lift

    alright ive heard from friends who have b2s that i can take explorer and jeep parts to lift my b2 although none of them did that so if anybody can help me with the list of parts and vehicles i could possibly pull them off of that would be awesome
  9. will.moyer

    Horn, Crusie control

    So i have an issue i dont know if im reading it right but in some of the diagrams ive seen the horn and cruise control wiring run through the radio fuse... and nether of them work and i well you need a horn to pass inspection, the only problem is the fuse for radio is doesn't work as i have...
  10. will.moyer

    Passenger door handle inside broken

    My passenger door wont open from the inside but will open from the outside im pretty sure its the spring but i was wondering if there was a quick fix for it or if i need a new hand or latch arm if somebody could help me please!
  11. will.moyer

    bronco 2 paint and body work

    :headbang:Ok so I need some help my b2 is the blue and white color I paid 700$ for it and it needs some serious body work. I want to paint it flat black and keep my white middle and get the blue and white stripes back and place them in the same spot as they were I have never seen a b2 like this...

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